History of the RagaMuffin

The history of the RagaMuffin is closely intertwined with the breeding of Ragdoll cats. In the early 1960s, a breeder in California crossed Ragdolls with various other long-haired cats, which led to the birth of a Ragdoll with new characteristics. In 1994, there was a dispute among a number of breeders, which resulted in a small group going their own way. The old breeders mocked the renegade group and referred to their cats as “RagaMuffins”. The name implies that the cats look like unkempt strays. But the renegade group of breeders would not be ridiculed and instead used the supposedly insulting nickname as the official name of their new breed, which was recognised in the USA in 2011.

Appearance of the RagaMuffin

In terms of appearance, RagaMuffins resemble Ragdolls. And just like the Ragdoll, the RagaMuffin is a large, muscular cat with a long body. Both have a strong neck, a broad chest and a medium-heavy bone structure. Their round paws are large, with tufts of fur between the toes. The head is wedge-shaped with a strong chin and pronounced cheekbones. The silky coat of these cats is semi-long, with slightly longer fur around the neck and on the tail: it looks as if they’re wearing a ruff!

Size of the RagaMuffin

How big does a RagaMuffin get? A RagaMuffin is fully grown after about 48 months; only then will it have reached its final size. One key superlative: with a shoulder height of up to 40 cm – measured from the cat’s front paws to the highest point of their shoulder blade – the RagaMuffin, like the Ragdoll, is one of the largest cats in the world. From the tip of their nose to the tip of their tail, the body length of a RagaMuffin can reach an impressive 100 to 120 cm.

Weight of the RagaMuffin

How heavy do RagaMuffins get? According to breed standards for these cats, RagaMuffin females should weigh around 4.5 to 6.5 kg. RagaMuffin males are somewhat stockier in terms of build and bone mass, which makes them heavier than the females. The average weight of males of this breed is between 6.5 kg and 10 kg.

Coat of the RagaMuffin

The RagaMuffin’s luxuriant coat has a silky soft texture and cannot do without a weekly grooming session. Grooming is essential for this breed of cat, as the RagaMuffin’s gorgeous, dense coat will become matted if it doesn’t see a brush and comb on a regular basis. Brushing removes loose hair and dead skin cells more quickly, plus it encourages blood circulation. Grooming your RagaMuffin’s fur also counts as a preventive measure, seeing as regular brushing prevents dandruff.

Coat colour of the RagaMuffin

The coat of the RagaMuffin can have many colours. Indeed, all common coat colours are permitted in this breed. It’s quite a colourful palette that suits them very well: not a monotonous muddle, but a highly varied selection. Rather than an off-the-rack coat, each RagaMuffin wears its own individual fur. This makes every representative of this breed highly unique!

Coat length of the RagaMuffin

The coat of the RagaMuffin is semi-long. On the face and body of these cats, the coat is of medium length, with slightly longer fur around the neck and on the tail. The neck of the RagaMuffin is adorned with a real lion’s mane! And their fur doesn’t stop at their toes: they also have dense tufts of fur between their toes …

Pattern of the RagaMuffin

The pattern of the RagaMuffin is as varied as the colouring of its coat. Indeed, the coat of this cat breed can have a wide range of patterns. Together with the many different coat colours, there are almost endless possibilities of what the coat of a RagaMuffin will look like. Even in the same litter, that is, when the cats come from the same cat parents, each kitten can look completely different.

Eyes of the RagaMuffin

The RagaMuffin has wonderfully large, almond-shaped eyes. The eyes can be blue, amber, green and even nut-brown. They are bright, expressive, clear, intense and outlined in the colour of the ticking. Not only do RagaMuffins hypnotise us with their eyes, like all other cats, they also have an extremely wide field of vision. While we humans are able to see a maximum of 180 degrees, our furry friends can see up to 220 degrees without even turning their heads! This allows them to see every movement. Nothing gets past these kitties – no matter how fast!

Special features of the RagaMuffin

One special feature of RagaMuffin cats is the fact that they’re late bloomers. Like many other medium-sized and large pedigree cats, representatives of this breed grow more slowly than cats representing smaller feline breeds. In fact, the larger the cat breed, the more time it takes for them to reach maturity. While it usually takes smaller breeds twelve to eighteen months to complete their growth, it can take three to four years for a RagaMuffin to reach its final size. And since males are naturally larger than the females, their growth phase lasts a bit longer on average.

Key attributes of the RagaMuffin

RagaMuffins and Ragdolls are similar in terms of their physical characteristics and temperament. Although both have a stately, muscular appearance, that doesn’t mean their long bodies look portly at all. Instead, they look rather delicate and agile. Also, when you pick up a Ragdoll, its body relaxes completely! You’re likely to have the feeling of holding a soft doll in your arms, which is precisely what the name Ragdoll suggests.

Character of the RagaMuffin

RagaMuffin cats have a friendly and even-tempered character. This intelligent cat is not easily upset, and they tend to express trust in people and other animals very quickly. Once a RagaMuffin has made friends, it will stay friends forever – nothing can shake it. These cats are loyal souls and also exceptionally cuddly and sensitive. This makes them patient companions for children – they’re the perfect family cat all round!

Price of the RagaMuffin

If you purchase a pedigree RagaMuffin, you should expect the cat to have the special features and character traits that characterise the breed. The average price for a RagaMuffin from a reputable breeder is anywhere from €700 to €1,000. Prices vary greatly depending on the breeder. In all cases, the breeder should provide proof that the cat has been vaccinated and dewormed. It’s also worth inquiring at your local animal shelter. You may even find a RagaMuffin there from time to time.

Breeding the RagaMuffin

The breeding of the RagaMuffin began in the early 1960s, when Ragdolls were crossed with Persian cats and long-haired domestic cats. In 1994, these cats were given the name “RagaMuffin” in the US and finally recognised as an independent cat breed by the AACE, ACFA, CFA, CFF, ICE and UFO. In Europe, the RagaMuffin has only been professionally bred since 2002. In Germany and worldwide, this breed is recognised by the WFU and WCF, in Austria by the OERCC, and in Hungary by the FAMKAT.

Things to know about keeping and caring for RagaMuffins

Keeping and caring for RagaMuffins is less complicated than you might think. If you have enough space in your home, a RagaMuffin is the perfect cat, even though they’re pretty big cats. They don’t necessarily need to be let out, but they’ll be happy to go roaming outside. Raga Muffins love to climb, which means they should always have suitable climbing furniture available to them. Otherwise they don’t require too much care, and it’s enough to brush and comb them once a week. Only during shedding season should you brush more often, just to get rid of loose hair …

The RagaMuffin kitten

At the age of three to four weeks, RagaMuffin kittens are old enough to become accustomed to using a litter box. For this reason, as soon as the kittens start to eat solid food, at around four to six weeks of age, you should set up an extra litter box near where they’ve been spending their time up until then. It’s important to clean the litter box thoroughly, otherwise the kittens will seek out an alternative. And don’t forget, heaps of praise and cuddles will help the cats associate their first trips to the toilet with positive feelings!

Typical diseases of the RagaMuffin

Like the Ragdoll, the RagaMuffin is among the more robust cat breeds. To date, there are no diseases known to be specific to the RagaMuffin. Occasionally, cats of this breed have experienced health problems due to hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM) – a hereditary disease associated with the heart muscle, and one that does not necessarily require treatment. It’s possible for cats to remain entirely unaffected by it and be symptom-free for the rest of their lives. However, if the cat displays evidence of some kind of abnormality, and if heart disease is one of the suspected causes, your vet should carry out HCM diagnostics and, if necessary, prescribe special heart medication.

Life expectancy of the RagaMuffin

The RagaMuffin has an average life expectancy of 12 to 16 years. That means 16 birthday parties! What can you treat your RagaMuffin to on their birthday? It should be something your cat thinks is great, something that shows them today’s a special day, something different than usual. Maybe something completely new? Something they’ve never seen before? You can also surprise them with special treats they don’t find in their bowl every day!

Frequently asked questions about the RagaMuffin

How much does a RagaMuffin cat cost?

Depending on the breeder as well as on the pedigree, sex and age of the cat, the price of a RagaMuffin will range on average between €700 and €1,000. *
*Source: RagamMuffin Katze: Infos und Bilder (wamiz.de), as of 29 Nov. 2023

How old do RagaMuffin cats get?

RagaMuffin cats have a life expectancy of 12 to 16 years. And remember, 16 cat years are the equivalent of 80 human years. That’s an impressive age for a RagaMuffin, isn’t it?

What does a RagaMuffin look like?

In appearance, the RagaMuffin resembles the Ragdoll. Both cats are large, muscular cats with a long body. They have a strong neck, a broad chest and a medium-heavy bone structure. There are tufts of fur between their toes.

How big do RagaMuffin cats get?

A RagaMuffin will have reached its final size by the age of four. With a shoulder height of up to 40 cm, RagaMuffin cats are among the largest cats around. From the tip of the nose to the end of the tail, the body length of a RagaMuffin cat can be an impressive 100 to 120 cm!

When are RagaMuffin cats fully grown?

RagaMuffin cats are fully grown at around 48 months and will have also reached their final weight. RagaMuffin females will weigh an average of 4.5 to 6.5 kg. The males are usually more compactly built and slightly heavier at 6.5 to 10 kg.

Should RagaMuffin cats be kept indoors or outdoors?

If you have enough space in your home, RagaMuffin cats are the perfect house cats. They don’t necessarily need to go outside, but they’ll be happy to do so if it’s possible. They also love to climb, so you should make sure to have suitable climbing furniture for them!

Where do RagaMuffins come from originally?

The history of the RagaMuffin is closely intertwined with the breeding of the Ragdoll. In the early 1960s, a new breed of cat was developed in California by crossing Ragdolls with various long-haired cats. The result was a Ragdoll with new traits!

Are RagaMuffin cats playful?

RagaMuffin cats love to play, but they’re never imposing. They love to watch the goings-on around them from their favourite vantage point. RagaMuffins are intelligent and friendly cats that enjoy developing close ties to both human and animal companions.

Which cat breeds are suitable playmates for the RagaMuffin cat?

If you’re thinking of getting a second cat, make sure it matches the temperament of your RagaMuffin. In other words, it should be an equally calm cat and not a hot-tempered provocateur. If the chemistry is right between the two cats, they might even have a great feline friendship that lasts their whole life long.

How active are RagaMuffin cats?

RagaMuffins aren’t particularly active. They’re more the calm and sensitive type. In fact, it’s rare to even hear their gentle meow. These cats like it quiet. They use their skills to successfully avoid chaotic and stressful situations.

Can RagaMuffin cats be kept alone as only cats?

A RagaMuffin should not be kept alone. These cats want to be with other cats. In general, RagaMuffins are even-tempered and very tolerant of other cats and people. In terms of character, however, you should make sure that any animal companions you bring into your home match the personality of these friendly felines.

Are RagaMuffin cats sociable?

RagaMuffin cats are very sociable. If you’re looking for a real friend – sensitive, always there when you need them – then a RagaMuffin is perfect for you! They are completely relaxed, gentle and accommodating creatures that blindly trust the humans and animals around them.

Are RagaMuffin cats susceptible to particular diseases?

Occasionally, RagaMuffins can develop health problems due to hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM), which is a thickening of the heart muscle. It doesn’t necessarily always occur, and even when it does, it doesn’t necessarily need to be treated with medication.

What are the key attributes of the RagaMuffin cat?

The RagaMuffin cat resembles the Ragdoll in terms of its physical characteristics and character. It is medium-sized and its body is relatively long. Still, despite its length, it doesn’t appear too portly. The head of the RagaMuffin is round and wedge-shaped, and its expressive eyes are almond-shaped.

What is the difference between a Ragdoll and RagaMuffin?

At first glance, the two breeds look very similar. Much like the Ragdoll, the RagaMuffin has a stately, muscular appearance. However, Ragdolls and RagaMuffins differ in terms of the colour and pattern of their coats and the colour of their eyes. Whereas the RagaMuffin can have all common colours and coat patterns, the coat of the Ragdoll has heavy brown or red point colours with Siamese patterns. Their eyes are blue.