American Shorthair


Looksmedium to large sized cat
Weight3 – 4,5 kg
Coatshort haired
Patternnot certified are chocolate, cinnamon, lilac, fawn, or points in all combinations
Colourall colours with any amount of white
Eyesmatching the coat colour, brown tabby with gold eyes, silver coat with green eyes
Charactersociable, even-tempered, intelligent
Special traitvery compliant and playful

What is the special trait of this breed?

Play enthusiast

The character of the American Shorthair is very similar to that of the European Shorthair. Every single cat has a unique personality, varying due to surroundings and conditions. This applies to both the outer appearance and inner qualities. One may be more cautious and reserved while another might be a real daredevil!

Only two things are common to all members of the breed: The like to play and are good house mates to any other pets around. The play and hunting instinct is very strong and will remain so up to old age, no matter how reduced the agility of the limbs may be. So – mice be warned! If they happen to find themselves on American Shorthair territory –  the air may suddenly be getting very thin!

What traits are unique to the American Shorthair?

Freedom that I mean…

The American Shorthair likes to be home, playing and cuddling with their human, but it won’t stay on your lap on end. It will decide when affection is needed and when it has had enough. 

Now and then they need fresh air, to be out in the world. Then they leave to roam about checking for any news on their territory. Sometimes this will drive them far from home and hearth but they will always be back. The American Shorthair is affectionate and loyal, knows where it belongs and where people are waiting for it to come home.

But always within four walls? – that is no option for this independent creature, doesn’t fit the character; it needs a big realm where it can freely attend to its own business.

Interesting facts on keeping and care

Healthy means groomed

The bigger part of the coat care is taken over by the cat itself. It has its own daily washing routine so that no additional brushing or combing is needed in most cases.

However, even without a dense undercoat it will naturally loose hair and will be delighted if you help a little with the coat grooming. The excess hair you take care of will not have to be swallowed while cleaning. Sometimes, not all hair balls can be eliminated in a natural way – that is why a little brushing does not only benefit the beauty but also the health of your animal, it will help the digestion as well as blood circulation. 

Grooming is also good for the soul. Plan in a bit of regular coat care time – that way it will develop quickly into a wellness ritual which is familiar and therefore relaxing and pleasant for both of you. Soon, your cat will turn up to claim it even before the usual hour…

– Try it!

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