Cat’s Best Original

Clumping & encapsulating
Fights odours naturally and actively.

Naturally actively combats odours. As clumping litter, Cat’s Best Original uses the power of technologically refined active wood fibres, which absorb urine / liquids and odours particularly effectively and encapsulate them deep inside - down to the last droplet!

Cat’s Best Smart Pellets

Soft clumping & non-stick
Stops the discharge.

Cat’s Best Smart Pellets is soft, clumping and non-sticking, making it the first cat litter in the form of clump-forming mini-pellets with an anti-stick surface: These prevent litter on fur and paws from being carried outside the litter box, and help Technologically refined active wood fibres for 100% natural cleanliness in the litter box.

Cat’s Best Sensitive

Firm clumping & antibacterial
Provides naturally antibacterial hygiene in the litter tray.

Cat’s Best Sensitive was specially developed for sensitive cats and, thanks to its fine grain, is wonderfully gentle on delicate paws; This grain also ensures that particularly firm and compact lumps are formed, which are even easier and more economical to dispose of.

Cat’s Best Universal

Non-clumping for all small animal pets
Can be used in a variety of ways for most small animal breeds

We recommend Cat’s Best Universal as litter for households that have several different small animals to care for. Suitable for rodents, birds and cats. Made from 100% vegetable fibres which have been heat-treated.

Why Cat’s Best?

Natural cleanliness
as pleasant
as in nature.

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