What you should bear in mind when making this decision

People who plan or are obliged to move house a lot, if they want to have a cat as a pet, should decide to opt for a cat who stays at home.

This is because basically cats do not cope well with a change of place. Outdoor cats frequently return to their original home territory, even if it is quite a few miles away from their new home.

To help a cat accommodate to its new surroundings, you shouldn’t let it go out for the first four weeks, or even longer – something that a pure outdoor cat is hardly going to put up with. It’s a real trial for an animal that has been living hitherto as a free and adventurous spirit suddenly to be shut up all day indoors.

Roaming or house cat?

And the same applies in reverse – you need to think about it, before allowing a cat who has always been kept indoors in the past sudden access to the outside world. If an indoor cat likes life in the great outdoors, the situation is irreversible. Once the cat has been given the privilege, it will always insist on it. But it is going to face hazards outside that it has never had to deal with in its past life – like cars, dogs, poisonous plants and infectious diseases.   

If you want to have a cat in the big city, it is likewise preferable to go for a cat that lives exclusively indoors. In this kind of environment, the dangers to a roaming cat represented by people, traffic and so on are practically incalculable.

Tips for the correct keeping of cats in flats

There is no reason why you should not keep a cat indoors all the time, as long as you consistently observe the following important points:

  • Indoor cat right from the start! As explained above, a roaming cat cannot be retrained as an indoor cat. So if you want a new member of your family, you would do best to choose a cat who has been socialised exclusively as an indoor cat right from the beginning.
  • Lots of tender loving care and regular attention! Cats should only be kept indoors all the time when you are able to avoid leaving them alone for extended periods, or else can give them a suitable companion of their own kind.
  • Some cats are extremely playful! Cats are by nature inquisitive and interested in their surroundings. By giving them the attention they need, and using accessories like scratching posts and toys, you challenge and encourage your pet to develop its natural intelligence.
  • Cats need a quiet environment with plenty of opportunities for retreating into themselves. And they also need their own quiet place in the apartment or their own inviolable sanctuary. Too many people or creatures of their kind sharing their space, and too much noise and stress, can give rise to behavioural problems – even if they have been clean cats before, they may start having ‘accidents’.
  • Unhindered access to a hygienically impeccable cat’s toilet! Cats are notably clean animals. They will be repelled by a dirty litter tray. CAT’S BEST ÖkoPlus is extremely effective in neutralising odours and superbly absorbent. So you can easily get rid of the least trace of soiling. Thanks to its unique JRS-PFLANZEN FASER700-TECHNOLOGY, CAT’S BEST ÖkoPlus functions as a natural trap for odours and bacteria. So odours are sustainably prevented over a long period. One important point – each cat on each floor must have easy access to a cat’s toilet, which must be located well away from any sudden source of noise (doors, washing machine, windows etc.).