What is the oldest cat in the world?

And how old?

There’s a well-known saying that cats have nine lives. That’s a bold theory that probably has some truth in the fact that cats are very smart and adaptable. In general, it’s impossible to say how old a cat will live. It depends on many different factors. However, a cat’s life is usually shorter than that of its owner. To calculate this, people often take one cat year to correspond to seven human years. Today, it’s assumed that a cat year corresponds to 15 human years. So a 20-year-old cat is 96 years old according to our human calendar!

There are of course exceptions, with cats that have reached even more incredible ages: the ultimate old-timers!

What is the oldest cat in the world?

Will a cat grow old with you? It’s rather unlikely. Every day we all get a little older: that’s just the way things are. We are born, learn to live and then say goodbye to this world. Our furry friends do too. Only it all goes a little bit faster with them, compared to the pace of human life. But some exceptional cats live longer than others. They have even achieved an incredible 30+ years with their loved ones!

Cat “Creme Puff” was the oldest cat in the world

On average, cats live to around 15 years old. A cat from Texas surpassed all others to be considered the oldest cat in the world. She kept her owner Jake company for more than twice as long! The female cat “Creme Puff”, born on 3 August 1967 in Austin Texas, died there on 6 August 2005, and held the record for a long time. She reached the biblical age of 38 years and three days and even made it into the Guinness Book of Records. Until her death, she was the oldest known cat!

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Siamkatze „Scooter“ im Guinness-Buch der Rekorde

The title of oldest living cat in the Guinness Book of Records was long held by a Siamese cat named “Scooter”. This famous cat was born on 26 March 1986, also comes from Texas and never left his owner Gail’s side. “Scooterwas overtaken by “Rubble” during his lifetime. The Maine Coon tomcat was born in Great Britain in 1988 and was the lifelong companion for Michele since his arrival as a gift for her 20th birthday! In 2020, at the age of almost 32, he made his way to cat heaven.

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Which cat breeds live the longest?

Do some cat breeds live longer on average than others? Yes! Some breeds – for example Balinese, European Shorthair or Siamese – have a life expectancy that easily breaks the 20-year mark, or like our examples show, can even approach 40 years! But how long a cat lives is not just genetically determined. Only a cat that feels good physically and mentally will be your lively buddy for a long time.

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Balinese life expectancy

When you see a Balinese cat, you think you are looking at a Siamese cat – but with fur extensions!  Balinese exactly resemble their short-haired cousins in coat colour and build. Just like Siamese, they are intelligent, curious and love to play. And they never run out of fun and games – not even at retirement age! And that can take time, because Balinese have an average life expectancy of 18 to 22 years.

European Shorthair life expectancy

Die Europäisch Kurzhaar ist vielleicht nicht so auffällig, wie die anderen Katzenrassen, aber sie hat echte QEuropean Shorthair cats may not be as striking as other breeds, but they have wonderful qualities. They are loyal friends, very robust, balanced and adaptable. Children, dogs or other cats in the household? No problem! They are perfect family cats, but have never forgotten that they are tiny tigers. With a European Shorthair in your home, the house and garden will be a “mouse-free zone” in no time. And a European Shorthair will live on average for about 15 to 22 years.

Siamese life expectancy

Siamese cats are strong personalities who not only demand attention, but are also very affectionate once they have taken you to their hearts. They are known for being perfectly adaptable, while being very lively and entertaining. That makes them amusing housemates for the family! These cats are eager to learn and highly intelligent, so they also want to be challenged. They can even learn great tricks from their human playmates! Siamese cats have an average life expectancy of 15 to 20 years.  

How can you keep your cat fit?

Do you want to protect your cat from getting old and frail and keep it fit in its later years? As far as physical fitness in cats is concerned, being an outdoor cat has certain advantages. Cats can flex their basic instincts – lurking, pouncing and catching prey, climbing and jumping. This not only stimulates and sharpens all the senses, but also increases physical fitness. Cats expend lots of energy during these activities and also train their bodies. But what about indoor-only cats? – How can you keep your cat healthy and fit?