Weightfemale 4.5 kg – 6.5 kg male 6.5 kg – 10 kg
Coatmedium long-haired
Patternpoint colouration with Siamese pattern
Colourblack, brown, red
Characteraffectionate, teachable or intelligent, easy-care
Special traitThe name Ragdoll stems from its body language – on being picked up, the Ragdoll cat completely relaxes in your arms.

What is the special trait of this breed?

Fluffy doll
“Nomen est omen” would be the correct Latin proverb for this breed (or, in this case “Nomen est felem” because we are talking about cats). On picking up a Ragdoll cat it goes limp and relaxes completely. You get the feeling of carrying around a soft doll in your arms! Thus, as the proverb predicts, the name describes the animal; indicating its likeness to a stuffed doll made of rags, with dangling limbs.

Obviously, the Ragdoll does not consist of cloth, instead it has got a wonderful soft fur with a silky texture. Around the face and collar the hair is quite long, while the face itself shows short hair. It then gets longer again from head to back. Legs, belly and butt show a medium length coat.

A large and strong cat, which – for all its muscle weight – looks very elegant. This is due to the pointed colouring: a mostly light coloured coat in combination with darker legs, tail and ears. The kittens initially have an entirely light-coloured coat and then grow into their later pointed colouring, resulting in the typical Ragdoll “face mask“.

What are the unique traits of the Ragdoll?

Gentle Giant
A most gentle soul of a cat.
Seeking a true friend? Empathic and always there for you when you need one? – you may want to try and invite a Ragdoll into your home! Completely relaxed and always friendly – a gentle soul who trusts you instinctively. The Ragdoll is extremely kind, both to human and fellow pets. In fact, it gets along with almost anyone and everyone on two or four legs, given they behave friendly in return. An extraordinarily affectionate being, just like a giant teddy bear. A great mate for both adults and children – which makes it the perfect family cat.

Ragdolls are extremely loyal and affectionate, a “dog in a cat’s skin”, so to speak. Some even follow you around the house – but they never intrude or become a burden. The serene Ragdoll is not easily thrown off balance. Instead, it will try to evade stressful situations and in general doesn’t care much for aggression.

Interesting facts on keeping and care

From head to toe
Provided there is enough space, the Ragdoll – despite its size – is the ideal house cat. It will be fine to live indoors but will also appreciate outdoor roaming, as soon as there is a chance. However, whenever the Ragdoll ventures outside, you should keep an eye on it from time to time – lest it suddenly doesn’t come home any more…

If the Ragdoll happens to meet nice people outside, this social cat might be tempted to come with them or let itself be taken to their home. Therefore, it is better to keep the free roaming area small, so that you can always have an eye on your cat.

Coat care takes surprisingly little time, because the medium-long hair doesn’t tend to mat easily. A weekly brushing suffices; In times of coat changing season however more often, when it is necessary to get rid of excess hair more frequently.

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