What are the largest cats in the world?

And the smallest?

What cats are the giants of their species and which ones the dwarfs?  Are there specific breeds with these traits? Is it a typical characteristic or is being tall or small  simply a product of chance? After all, there are many tall and short people: it’s not necessarily dependent on nationality or skin colour. 

We show you the tallest and smallest cats in the world!

With a few interesting insights about these giant and miniature moggies…

The biggest cat breeds

Does it seem like only yesterday the little ball of fluff that fitted in your hand is now bigger than a little dog? Many a cat owner is amazed at how quickly a cute kitten can grow!
“You’ve grown so much!”

Admittedly, members of the largest cat breeds do not tower over their peers, but they are noticeably larger than many of their feline cousins! The largestcat breeds include breeds such as the Savannah and the Norwegian Forest Cat, with the Savannah leading the pack of the 6 largest cat breeds:

Place 1:  Savannah

Place 2:  Maine Coon

Place 3:  Norwegian Forest Cat

Place 4:  Ragdoll

Place 5:  British Longhair

Place 6:  British Shorthair

Size of a Savannah cat

The Savannah cat is a mixture of the serval and domestic cat.

Savannah males can weigh an impressive 10 kg and grow up to 120 cm long!

Do you hate being bored? Do you prefer action and adventure? Then a Savannah is just right for you! They are real house tigers! They don’t just look wild – one part of these hybrid cats actually is! A Savannah cat wants to be busy, either with you or with other cats. Not a couch potato, but a breed with a pronounced urge to move. Have you just been hissed at? You should get used to it! Don’t be frightened – a Savannah’s hissing isn’t always meant as a threat.

Size of a Norwegian Forest Cat

The Norwegian Forest Cat has its roots in Iran, Turkey and Russia. These long-haired cats weigh up to 9.5 kg and measure up to 130 cm from nose to tail.

Norsk Skogkatt – is that a small lynx or a fox? When you see a Norwegian for the first time, you might think that a wild cat is coming towards you, straight out of the Scandinavian wilderness. A strong build,  triangular head, short nose, relatively small paws, a long bushy tail, small tufts on the ears, bright eyes and a graceful gait. She may look “wild”, but she is neither menacing, nor afraid of people.

Size of a Maine Coon

The Maine Coon, like the Ragdoll and Norwegian Forest Cat, is one of the largest and heaviest cat breeds, weighing up to 9 kg and measuring up to 100 cm in length (nose to tail).

Coonies are friendly and sociable – they seek contact with other cats and humans
and like to be active. A cat that walks beside you like a dog and even fetches? That is usually a Maine Coon! Hence the nickname “dog cat”. Nothing escapes these attentive cats: they notice everything! They are very curious, very intelligent, incredibly persistent and inventive. For all pursuits they also use their paws very skilfully…

Size of a Bengal cat

Stately Bengal males are quite large, 90 – 100 cm long, but weigh only 5.5 kg.

The tail accounts for one third of their length!

Bengals are very active and need enough space and freedom to develop freely. They are curious and intelligent and need to be challenged. It’s best to think of different, exciting ways to play every now and then and offer new, cat-appropriate toys. And above all, plan enough time reserved just for playing with “Leo”! Bengals are quick jumpers and therefore need scratching posts and scratching options that are stable and hard-wearing.

All about cat reproduction

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“Omar” – the biggest cat in the world

Is there such a thing as the biggest cat in the world? Like the tallest human? Cats that are ahead of the pack in terms of body length and weight? The Australian tomcat “Omar” has so far outshone everyone. With his 14 kg and 120 cm, this Maine Coon is the biggest tomcat in the world! But his Italian cousin – “Barivel”, another Maine Coon, is on par with him in terms of length. He also measures a proud 120 cm!  What’s the reason for this? Did these two toms benefit from something else besides their mother’s milk?

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The smallest cat breeds

There are also other breeds that are rather small in size compared to their cat cousins.
The smallest cat breeds include breeds such as the Cornish Rex and Siamese, with the Munchkin and Singapura being the smallest of the small:

Place 1:  Munchkin

Place 2:  Singapura

Place 3:  Cornish Rex

Place 4:  Devon Rex

Place 5:  American Curl

Place 6:  Siam

Munchkin – among the smaller newer breeds

The Munchkin cat weighs only 2 to 4 kg and is very small, with a low shoulder height of maximum 23 cm.

The Munchkin cat is a very young breed that has been increasingly bred since the 1990s, but less so in Europe. It is only considered a breed with its own breed standard in Australia, Great Britain, New Zealand and Africa.

Munchkins are very bright and affectionate towards people and love to play. Despite their short legs, they can move relatively well. However, leaping up like their long-legged cousins is only possible to a limited extent. This can be a drawback when outdoors, as they cannot escape quickly enough to higher ground in an emergency.


Singapura, a rare cat breed, weighing just 2 to 3 kg, isa small slim cat, but walking through life on compact legs!

Singapureans are quiet, pleasant housemates who shadow their flatmates wherever they go, but never seem intrusive. Being alone is not their thing – they need to be with “their” family. Singapureans prefer a full house, with everyone there, then they are happy! Plus they are very intelligent and curious. A little playtime? Always welcome! A Singapura will play even into old age! Only when strangers approach, do they prefer to withdraw and observe “intruders”  from a safe distance. But once she knows  you, you can count on her full attention.

“Lilieput” – the smallest cat in the world

The counterpart to “Omar”, the biggest cat in the world, is “Lilieput “*, currently the smallest cat in the world with a shoulder height at a petite 13.34 cm! Since 2014, “Lilieput” has claimed the title previously held by “Fizz Girl”. Even though “Lilieput” is now the smallest of the tinies, “Lilieput” and “Fizz Girl” still have one thing in common: the same roots! Both are Munchkins!

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But whether they are very big or very small – we like ALL cats, don’t we?
Each one is special in its own way.