Special cats – most expensive cat in the world

Which cat breeds are the most expensive in the world?

How much do these pedigree cats and why is their purchase so expensive?

There are a variety of cat breeds, some breeds are recognized by clubs and associations, others are regarded rather critically. Who buys a pedigree cat expects that this cat has very special characteristics: a certain appearance or specific character traits that only distinguish this breed and which can be traced at best over generations. But for which breeds do you have to dig deepest into your pocket?

Jump into the lightning storm – here they are, the starlets, the most expensive cats in the world!

And what is it about these cat breeds that makes them so expensive?

The most expensive cat breeds

You want to get a cat? It should be a pedigree cat and you are just about to do research on what the individual cat breeds cost? Then you will find out that there are big differences in market value – depending on the cat breed, from which breeder, whether with or without pedigree – quite different prices are called. For one pedigree cat you have to pay less, for the other one deeper into your pocket. For some also quite deeply! Here for you an overview of the highest market prices, the TOP 10 of the most expensive cat breeds:

  1. Ashera GD 
  2. Savannah cat
  3.  Safari cat 
  4. Karakal cat 
  5. Bengal cat 
  6. Sphynx cat
  7. Peterbald cat
  8. Maine Coon
  9. Bombay cat 
  10. Ragdoll

Source: Die TEUERSTEN Katzen der WELT » Top 10 Liste (bezahlen.net)

Cost of the Ashera GD

Ashera GD at the moment is considered not only the most expensive cat breed, but also one that is extremely rare, which fuels its exotic myth! It is a hybrid cat, i.e. a cross between a wild and a domestic cat. Due to the high proportion of wild cats, it should not be kept purely as a house cat, as the same husbandry requirements apply to the keeping of wild/domestic hybrids as well as their offspring under the German Animal Welfare Act as apply to the parents of the wild form.

Price of the Ashera GD: 15.000 – 50.000 €

Savannah cat cost

Savannah cat, which occupies the second place among the most expensive cat breeds, is also a hybrid cat. It was created by crossing a wild cat, the serval, and a domestic cat, and due to its wild component it is naturally vastly superior to “normal” domestic cats in jumping and hunting. The Savannah cat is in contrast to the Ashera GD a recognized breed with breed standard (TICA), but also for them, depending on the generation, certain husbandry requirements and up to the 4th generation nationwide a registration requirement.

Savannah cat price: 6.000 – 30.000 €

Safari cat cost

On the front places still a hybrid, a leopard for home is probably just trendy! The safari cat emerged from a cross of a wild cat – the small spotted cat (picture) – and a domestic cat. The wild cat impact is also recognizable in the Safari cat! Only a relatively small number of specimens are said to exist for which the provisions of the Washington Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) with its husbandry requirements for exotic wild species and their offspring apply until the fourth generation.

Safari cat price: from 5.000 €

Cost of the caracal cat

This is a lynx, isn’t it? With the black fluffs on the ears, the caracal looks quite similar to a Eurasian lynx! One could think, there sits a real Lynx. Because he is cut from this like from the face, one calls the caracal also as “desert lynx”. Nevertheless, he could be related with his appearance with the lynxes, he belongs, however, genetically to the African gold cats. The caracal cat is a breeding with wild animal part, so again a hybrid cat: domestic cat crossed with caracal.

Price of the caracal cat: 6.500 – 9.000 €

Bengal cat cost

Wild cats have always fascinated us humans! They are beautiful, have a majestic appearance, but towards humans they are usually extremely shy – they even prefer to avoid us. Early attempts were made to get the “beautiful wild ones” used to people. However, this only worked out in exceptional cases, sometimes the attempt even had to be paid with the life. But in 1963 it finally worked out: because it was possible to breed a new cat breed – the Bengal cat.

Bengal cat price: from 800 – 3.500 €

Sphynx cat cost

A naked cat, that is, a cat without fur? And then so expensive? An unusual phenomenon – compared to other cats – but not so new as it may seem, because cats almost without hair were already kept as pets in the empire of the Aztecs. To breed Sphynx cats, both parents must have the specific gene that contributes to the absence of fur. No fur care required? Because of the lack of fur, a Sphynx does not need to shy away from a brush, but it should be bathed and its skin cared for.

Sphynx cat price: from 1.500 €

Peterbald cat cost

Another one of those naked things? Some of the kittens still have fur, but it disappears when they get older. The Peterbald cat, now a recognized breed, was originally created by an experimental cross in Russia: The dam was an Oriental Shorthair, the sire a Don Sphynx. A Peterbald is not always naked, in fact there are different versions: completely without hair, light or very short hair, with dense, curly coat and as a complete shorthair variant! But in Europe this breed is very rare.

Peterbald cat price: 1.500 – 2.500 €

Maine Coon costs

This American domestic cat originated in the northeastern United States, the state of Maine, hence the designation in its name. The domestic and working cats were eventually brought to Europe by sailors, where they quickly became native. The Coonies belong like the Siberian and Norwegian Forest Cat to the group of forest cats, but they are as little related to the European wild cat as the other breeds: Their ancestors were namely Persian cats, Turkish Angora and domestic house cats.

Maine Coon price: 800 – 1.500 €

Bombay cat cost

Black Panther like? – Then the Bombay cat is just right for you! A coal-black panther with fiery eyes – but a temperament that is pleasant and people-friendly. Three varieties are bred, differing somewhat in length and shape of ears, nose or body size. A recognized breed, but in Europe it is also rather rare to meet them. A very people-oriented cat, which has thus also received its nickname “Burdock”, – it is namely extremely affectionate…

Bombay cat price: 900 – 1.200 €

Cost of the Ragdoll

Nomen est omen” the old Latin would say (actually it should be “Nomen est felem” in this case – it’s about a cat after all): when you pick up a Ragdoll, its body relaxes completely – you have the feeling of having a soft doll in your arms! As the saying goes, the name characterizes this quite aptly: the name of the Ragdoll means something like rag doll or rag doll – in English it is called “rag doll“. Of course, the Ragdoll is not made of cloth, but of wonderful, soft fur with a very silky texture.

Price of the Ragdoll: 800 – 1.200 €

Finding the right cat insurance

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What does it depend on how much a cat costs?

What is it that some people are willing to spend so much money on a kitty ? Why are some fur noses “must haves” ? Is it related to origin or pedigree? Are they so rare that it is something special to be able to call one your own? Or does it make them attractive because they are such an expensive pleasure? Are such salon lions perhaps just another status symbol in the collection? What does it depend on that these cats cost so much? There are costs associated with professional breeding. The income should cover the time and financial effort that breeders put in. And finally, supply and demand on the market also determine the price, of course, but what your cat is worth to you, only YOU decide!

Apart from that – isn’t every cat priceless?

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What to consider when buying an expensive cat?

You have wanted a cat for a long time and are thinking about buying an expensive cat? Then the first thing you need to realize is that buying a cat is for life and not just for a season! Also, you want to meet the natural needs of the house cat – what about its basic needs? For many of the starlets there are special regulations that you should take into consideration: Do you have the means to provide all this for your cat-to-be? Hybrid cats are demanding: What do such cats need to live with you? Find out which regulations apply to your desired place and also take a look here: With our tips and advice you are well prepared for the future cohabitation with a cat.