Looksmedium sized cat
Weight4 – 7 kg
Coatmedium length
Patterneven, slightly darker sides sometimes
Colourcream, fawn, blue, chocolate, lilac
Eyesintense blue
Characterintelligent, lively, curious
Special traitkittens initially white

What is the special trait of this breed?

Long-haired counterpart
On spotting a Balinese, most people think they are looking at a Siamese cat – however, one with extensions! Think Siam, with longer hair. Apart from that, a Balinese has exactly the same proportions and colouring as her short-haired counterpart.

This fact is linked to the origins of the breed:

It is assumed, that in the case of Siamese cats mating with long-haired con-specifics, the long-hair genes were initially trumped by the short-hair genes, which are dominant by nature. Eventually however, the mating of two bearers of the long-haired gene finally produced long-haired kittens. And thus, a whole new breed saw the light of day.

Another theory assumes a simple mutation affecting the hair length to be the reason. Many cat breeds have developed through DNA alterations – a whim of nature with amazing results!

What are the unique traits of the Balinese?

Balinese cats actually mirror the traits of the Siamese “to a T” on the outside as well as on the inside.

Just like the Siamese, they are intelligent, curious and playful. Actually, the joy in play never ceases for them, even at an advanced age.

Siamese cats like to be the centre of attention – and so do the Balinese!

Anything and everything should evolve around them at all times, except during nap time. Then, they retire to a cosy spot, where they enjoy cuddling with their fellow cats. While this breed is very human-oriented, the Balinese are strong-minded as well.

They have strong personalities and it can be a real challenge to escape their charm offensives sometimes. What a Balinese wants a Balinese gets – even if it has to cling to your heels like glue!

Interesting facts on keeping and care

As opposed to other breeds with medium-length hair, the Balinese have no undercoat, which makes them low-maintenance when it comes to coat care. A good brushing once or twice a week is enough, after which you should draw a coarse comb through the coat a few times.

After your Balinese comes back from outdoor adventures, you should always check the coat for unwanted lodgers!

Just like dogs, cats frequently become “tick victims”. These unwanted visitors can carry diseases – it is therefore always best to check your cat’s coat and free it from parasites immediately after their return.

For their well-being, the intelligent animals need entertainment as well as diverse surroundings – with many opportunities to roam, climb and play.

For furniture suggestions to make your Balinese feel great at home, go here

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