Looksmedium sized cat, slender and muscular build, wild cat appearance
Weight4 – 7 kg
Coatshort to medium length
Patternspotted or marbled
Colourbeige, brown, yellow, gold, grey, orange
Eyesoval to almond shaped
Characterspirited, eager to learn, affectionate
Special traitloves water, very communicative

What is the special trait of this breed?

The Bengal – the mini leopard for your home.

Wild cats have fascinated humans forever!

They are beautiful and have a self-confident, majestic appearance, but most of the time, they are shy and will evade humans whenever possible. 

Humans have always tried to tame the wild beauties, but so far it has only worked out in special cases. More often than not those attempts were marked by unfortunate, dangerous and sometimes even fatal outcomes. 

But the idea was never given up upon – and in 1963, it finally worked out! A new breed was born and with it, a long cherished dream came to pass: 

Cross-breading of leopards and house cats finally resulted in the birth of the Bengal: 

A breed as beautiful as a wild cat, but devoted and affectionate like a house cat. Practically a miniature home-leopard – but much more devoted and fixated on “their” human!

The new breed was officially recognised in 1986.

What are the unique traits of the Bengal cat?

As a friendly and human-oriented breed, Bengal cats have gained a constantly growing fan base over the years. 

Whoever is looking for an extremely human-oriented cat, happy to play and cuddle, the Bengal is just the right choice! 

Due to their friendly manner, they count as an optimal, child-friendly family cat – given that the children are used to cats, so that an appropriate handling is guaranteed.  

As opposed to most cat breeds. Bengal cats love water!

This can even go as far as keeping you company when you take a shower or bath…

Also, they are fantastic free-climbers! Anything will be conquered to gain the best view from above.

Last not least, Bengal cats are extremely communicative: They have a large vocabulary and will love to share it with you.

– Life is never boring with a Bengal at home!

Interesting facts on keeping and care

Bengal cats are very active and need enough space to roam about. 

They are curious and intelligent and need to be challenged: It is best to provide a variety of activity choices as well as new, species-appropriate toys. 

Most importantly, always schedule in enough time exclusively reserved for your “Leo”!

Bengals are excellent jumpers and should have the opportunity to climb and use robust scratching posts that won’t “give in” easily.  

Like all cats, the mini leopards enjoy comfortable cushions, “nests” or resting spots which they can retreat to for a nap.

Easy-to-clean food and water bowls are also part of the basic equipment. 

Cat toilets in quiet corners help with the cat’s personal hygiene.

As most Bengal cats love water, they enjoy safe “paddling” opportunities.

A soft brush suffices for the silk-like coat which, except for the hair of the Cashmere Bengal, is relatively short and very dense. 

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