Maine Coon


Lookslarge cat; muscular, strong build
Weight4 – 9 kg
Coatmedium hair length, plush, thick undercoat
Patterncream, white, black, blue, red
Colour30 varieties
Eyeslarge gold-coloured, green, copper or blue eyes
Characterintelligent, playful, very affectionate
Special feature“Coon” refers to a racoon-like appearance

What is the special trait of this breed?

This American domestic cat originates from the state of Maine, situated in the North-East of the United States, which explains the name of the breed alongside its raccoon-like appearance. Seafarers brought the cats with them to Europe over time, where they soon made themselves at home.

The “Coonies” are forest cats, just like the Norwegian and the Siberian Forest Cat. However, as in the case of those breeds, it is not at all related to the European Wild Cat:

As a matter of fact, its ancestors were Persian, Turkish Angora and American domestic cats.

Together with the Ragdoll and Norwegian Forest Cat, the Maine Coon belongs to the largest and heaviest breeds. With its plush, long coat, it indeed resembles a racoon, and not only on the outside!

The Maine Coon is as much a water-lover and also as smart as its name-giver: it is a good pathfinder and easily learns to open both doors and taps – some of them even dip their food into the wet element!

What are the traits unique to a Maine Coon?

Coonies are friendly and affectionate, they actively look for contact both with their own species and humans – they even like to accompany their human outside of the house. A cat that goes for walks and even likes retrieving objects?

– in most cases that can only be a Maine Coon!

It is also the reason why it is often called a “dog-cat”. 
Nothing escapes the attentive cat, they take note of anything!

They are interested in everything, extremely intelligent, very persistent and creative. Their paws are most important tools for them…

And they are well equipped for all purposes!

Between their toes, they have longish, water-proof tufts of hair, creating a kind of snow shoe. 

Those were originally of good use to them in  the state of Maine – where lot of snow in winter times is a given!

Interesting facts on keeping and care

The Maine Coon is a low-maintenance cat. Its well-being does not depend on a life outdoors. However, it will happily take part in outside endeavours and excursions into nature – nothing keeps it more fit than frequent exercise! 

Especially if you put a cat friendly paddling pool in the garden – that would quickly become its favourite spot! So as to avoid the fun being quickly terminated by the usage of sharp claws, it is always a good idea to purchase a special dog pool. These paddling pools are very robust and sustainable and offer the velvet noses plenty of water fun. 

The Maine Coon’s coat is long-haired with a dense undercoat and thus is subject to much grooming: The excess hair should always be combed out – brush and comb are therefore part of the basic equipment. 

Make sure that the right grooming “tools” are being used, always look for combs with enough space between the teeth: The best option is a special comb with flexible teeth, to avoid tearing. Natural or Nylon bristles are the best choice, otherwise the long hair might stand on end.

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