Which cat breeds are the most beautiful in the world?

Which is the most beautiful and which is the ugliest cat in the world?

“Mirror, mirror on the wall: which is the most beautiful, which is the ugliest cat in all the land?” Why does the mirror call some velvet paws that? What are the standards that confer the attribute unsightly or attractive? Isn’t this very superficial, a vanity fair that culminates in beauty contests for kitty cats? How does a cat earn such a title in a beauty pageant? And who decides which kitty is beautiful and which is ugly? As we all know, aesthetics and its forms can be argued about at length…

But see for yourself – here they are, the most beautiful and ugliest cats in the world!

All united in a single blog post, in peaceful coexistence ????

The most beautiful cat breeds

The most beautiful cat breeds? What is the composition of this category? People tend to want to categorise everything: WHO or WHAT is the biggest and best in its discipline? It is not for nothing that there are nomenclatures like the Guinness Book of Records that record superlatives for eternity. But isn’t beauty always (only) in the eye of the beholder? Many cat lovers like longhaired cats, others prefer shorthaired breeds; but some also find cats with very little or no fur aesthetic. “Every man to his own taste” was already the opinion of the “Old Fritz”!

The most beautiful longhair cat breeds

The longhaired cat breeds are among the most popular cat breeds. The lush coat of these beauties consists of longer, silky soft hair. Here you can find out how to care for your long-haired cat’s coat properly so that it stays so beautiful. For many long-haired fans, the Persian cat is the epitome of the long-haired cat. But there are also other shooting stars. Here they are, the beauty stars among the most beautiful longhair cats! Off to the catwalk, you cuties:

The most beautiful longhair cat breeds:

Maine Coon



Norwegian Forest Cat

British Longhair

Siberian Cat


German Longhair

Turkish Angora


The most beautiful shorthair cat breeds

You prefer cats that wear their fur shorter? Then you are not alone! The shorthaired breeds also have a huge following! Shorthaired cat breeds come in many different colours and coat patterns. Some look mysterious and exotic with their delicate bodies, others have a strong stature and a thick coat like big teddies. One of the most popular and beautiful shorthair cat breeds is the British Shorthair: with its wonderful big eyes a real beauty!

The most beautiful shorthair cat breeds:

British Shorthair 



American Shorthair


Russian Blue



Exotic Shorthair 


You would like to get to know a certain breed? You can find some of the protagonists and their breed portraits here.

Which is the most beautiful cat in the world?

Beautiful kitties who grace us with their presence. But which is the most beautiful? Is there a superlative for beautiful cats? As different as cats are, their appearance is unique: even siblings of the same breed from the same litter can differ enormously in appearance and character! Which cat do people from all over the world find most attractive, which is the most beautiful cat in the world? We have found three special cats that cat fans around the globe find particularly beautiful.

Cat “Narnia” with different halves of the face

There is “Narnia”, a cat with different halves of the face, Narnia is called the most beautiful cat in the world by many. A face like Yin and Yang, two forces that oppose each other, but only together form a perfect unity.  One half of this cat’s face is black, the other completely grey. So accurately delineated that one wonders who might have been the paintbrush! That can’t be a coincidence, can it? In addition, “Narnia” sparkles at us with his azure blue eyes. A beautiful mixture, which he has now even partly passed on to his kittens.

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Bengal cat “Thor” on Instagram

And then, of course, there’s the social media star “Thor” on the list of the most beautiful cats in the world. This Bengal cat has more followers on Instagram than some humans! The handsome “Thor” is a showpiece of his breed, a cat as beautiful as a wild cat, but gentle and affectionate as a domestic cat.  In a way a “mini leopard” for home, only much more affectionate and fixated on his human! With his sparkling green eyes and the velvety soft fur in leo look a real eye-catcher!

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Source: Cat with “2 faces” has different babies…, [YouTube video.], #GenerationSunshine, Cat with “2 faces” has different babies…, accessed 01.10.2021

Cat “Coby” with the blue eyes

Not to forget tomcat “Coby” with the blue eyes! With his gaze, the adorable cat captivates thousands of cat lovers on the internet. On the net and on his homepage, you can admire the snow-white kitty in all situations. But the many fans love the British Shorthair not only because of his appearance, but also because of his great character: he is a typical representative of his breed.

Beauty contests for cats

Beauty contests for cats take place all over the world. When these international shows for special cats are held, it is a hot spot for many cat fans and breeders: visitors can hardly get enough of the noble beauties from all over the world that are crowned in the international competition. The beautiful cat breeds are shown there to jurors who make assessments according to the applicable breed standards. The winners of the various categories are then awarded prizes.

How do cat beauty contests work?

And how do cat beauty contests work? Can just anyone who likes show off their kitty? No, of course not! Just put the cat in the transport box and go to the next show is not possible! You should find out beforehand what you need for a cat beauty contest. How does the procedure work? And is your cat suitable for such a competition?

1. timely registration
2. health check 
3. numbered place/cage 
4. evaluation(s) by the jury
5. freestyle of the champions

TIP: It is best to contact the organisers of the beauty contest directly in advance 

Are beauty contests animal cruelty?

A topic that stirs the emotions: “Are beauty contests cruelty to animals?” What one thinks about this depends mainly on one’s perspective, but also on the personal attitude of each individual. While the critics warn that such events are not species-appropriate and far too stressful for cats, the supporters see the advantages in the exchange and the expert assessment: they want to know what level their breeding is at. A title in such a beauty contest is a highly decorated seal of quality for them.

Which is the ugliest cat in the world?

“Oh – she’s so cute!” A statement that someone who likes quirky cat breeds hears rather rarely? You think that such cats don’t have any fans? Then you are very much mistaken! The ugliest cat breeds have numerous fans, unusual is in vogue! Is it just the “otherness”, the being outside the norm or mainstream? People have always been fascinated by this, it has really attracted them. Such an oddball is unique, has a magical attraction: you just can’t take your eyes off it. But which velvet paw is the defending champion, is the ugliest cat in the world?

“Ugly Bat Boy” known as the ugliest cat

For a long time, “Ugly Bat Boy” or “Uggs” was considered the ugliest cat in the world.  A corpulent kitty with mousy skin and a wrinkled face. Completely naked except for a chewy ruff, with no fur. The cat was a celebrity in his own way for years. On the World Wide Web he was famous as the ugliest cat in the world. In the meantime he has passed away, but even after his death he still holds the title! The users have probably not found a successor for him yet… We want to let the famous cat rest in peace and therefore do not place a picture of him.

Kohana known as the ugliest cat breed

Kohanas are completely hairless. They have no fur. Not even a single hair. Kohana cats are not a recognised breed and there are many myths surrounding their origin, but there is agreement on one point: the Kohana is known as the ugliest cat breed. These cats lack tactile hairs and whiskers and since these hairs are an important sensory organ for cats, according to the German Animal Welfare Act (TierSchG §11b) breeding these cats is considered torture breeding. This kind of breeding is therefore forbidden in Germany. So a title without a remedy.

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