What kinds of gifts can you give a person who loves cats? What items and objects will make them really happy?  Are there any presents you can make yourself?

We cat lovers are the type of people who do everything for our furry feline friends! We get up in the middle of the night to open the door for them; we let them have the best spot on our favourite sofa; and when they’re sick, it feels like we are suffering even more than they are. Why do we do it? Well, for us feline fans, cats are more than just pets. Sometimes they’re even more important to us than our family members. For us cat people, our furry friends are close confidantes and soul mates.

Are you looking for a great gift for someone you know who owns a cat or who’s just a big fan of cats? You’ve come to the right place! We’ve got some great gift ideas for you. We hope our creativity inspires your own!

Gifts for cat owners

Have you been invited to the home of someone who’s a big cat fan? Are you looking for ideas as to what to bring them as a gift? Would you like to get them something they really like? You probably already know that the best gifts are ones you put some original thought into, right? When you give someone a personalised gift, it tells them they’re important to you. When it comes to choosing a suitable gift for someone who’s invited you to their home, if you already know the person like cats, that’s half the battle! The next question is: What are the best gifts to give someone who shares their home with a feline friend or two?

Giving cat toys as presents

How about giving someone a cat toy as a present? As you probably already know, playing is a fun and important activity for both humans and cats, plus it also serves to strengthen the bond between us all. But what kind of toy is best? Some cats enjoy fast, lively games, while others prefer to stalk their toy prey. And still others like to be challenged intellectually, that is, they want games that reward strategic thinking. But a cat shouldn’t have to play with the same toy all the time. At some point, the cat is bound to get bored. This means it’s time for a change!

Toys designed to help cats burn energy

Indoor cats, in particular, will benefit from toys that allow them to work off all their energy. Why? Well, our cute little furry friends can sometimes be anything but cute! Cat owners will get to know this side of their felines at the latest when their favourite chair has been torn to shreds. When cats are full of energy and yet bored by their surroundings, they like to “redesign” the items in “their” home. Remember, cats are hunters; they want to lurk, stalk and capture things. For this reason, good cat toys should satisfy your cat’s deep hunting instincts.

Toys for cats to keep themselves occupied

There are also toys that cats can play with by themselves. Cat toys such as these are especially valuable for cats that spend a lot of time alone without any other cats to play with. There are some toys that help improve a cat’s dexterity, and other “self-operating” toys that will continue to run, roll or jump as soon as the cat gives it a nudge. This kind of toy has the potential to keep cats occupied for hours. Retail stores¹ offer a wealth of options for these kinds of cat toys.

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Gifts for a cat household

A cat household should have the right equipment to ensure the physical and emotional well-being of its four-legged inhabitants. In addition to the litter box, this also includes several different food and drinking bowls made of metal, glass, enamel or porcelain. These are essential to ensure that the cats always have access to food and water in clean containers. By the way, all felines enjoy drinking running water from a cat fountain.

Gifts for cat care and grooming

Cat grooming gifts and products are always popular with cat owners. For example, there are great grooming tools for coat care: combs with special teeth, brushes, trimming knives and even hair balm to help with combing. Grooming is not just an “option”, but a must, especially for cats with longer fur and for older cats that are no longer agile enough to reach all over their body when grooming themselves.

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Give the gift of cat furniture

Retail stores offer a huge selection of furniture for cats. There’s practically nothing that’s not available out there! Remember, even in their own homes, cats like to be able to retreat to places where they feel safe and undisturbed. This might be under a bed, in a cupboard, a box or a basket, or even in a big bag. So how about giving your cat-loving friend a cat tunnel or cat cave as a gift? These spaces allow cats to make themselves really comfortable! They can relax, it’s cosy and warm, and basically it’s the ideal place for a kitty time-out.

Make your own gifts for cat owners

Rather than buying a gift for your cat crazy friend, would you prefer to make one yourself? A do-it-yourself (DIY) gift is a one-of-a-kind present, which definitely makes it something very special. Indeed, when you create a gift with your own hands, rather than buying it “off the rack”, you give that gift a very unique and personal touch. For fans of arts and crafts, as well as for creative DIY enthusiasts, we’ve put together a few original DIY gift ideas that are sure to bring great joy to cat owners and cat lovers.

Make your own toys for cats

Be creative! With a little imagination, you can make cat toys all by yourself. All you need are a couple of very simple items that can be found in almost every household. For example, it’s easy to make little play-balls and play-mice that cats will love. All you need are some pieces of sturdy, clean fabric which you then fill with other pieces of fabric. You can even add a little catnip or a small bell before sewing them up.

Build your own cat furniture

If you’re handy with a hammer and nails, you can also build cat furniture yourself! Building furniture isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but even if you’re not a natural born carpenter, you can easily put together a private retreat space for feline friends. With the help of just a few materials, you can create a little oasis of well-being in no time, and it will be a source of delight for both cat and cat owner!

Personalised cat gifts

How about giving a gift that’s tailored to the person receiving it? For example, some gifts integrate the name of the recipient’s cat along with a photo. What could be nicer than having your favourite feline’s sweet face always close at hand? First you’ll have to inconspicuously take a photo of the cat and make sure you know its name. Then go out and choose the right gift for the owner from the TOP 10 personalised cat gifts². A gift like this is almost guaranteed to make the cat owner smile from ear to ear …

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Gifts for cat lovers

Cats are popular pets, but even people who aren’t able to share their home with feline friends love cats dearly. These elegant beauties have a huge fan base! And the gift industry has responded accordingly. You can pretty much get anything out there with a cat on it! There’s an incredible variety of gift ideas for cat lovers. The selection might even cause a touch of sensory overload! It’s not always easy to make your way through this jungle and find the right gift. So here’s a small selection of ideas that our own experience has shown go down very well with cat lovers:

Gifts with a cat motif

Of course, the most popular gifts are ones that feature some kind of cat motif. Whether it’s a pin with a cat on it or a sugar bowl with a kitty motif, there’s nothing you won’t be able to find! There are no limits to the imagination. From unusual designer pieces to kitty curiosities, there’s something for everyone. The question usually arises as to what cat lovers are expected to actually do with these gifts. So, before you make a purchase, think about whether you intend the gift to be merely decorative or whether you think your cat-loving friend would like it to have a more practical function.

Cat-themed wrapping paper

When a gift comes in a beautifully wrapped package, it automatically increases the anticipation! And what could be better than wrapping a gift for a cat lover in cat-themed wrapping paper³? There are trendy types of wrapping paper out there to suit every taste. You can even top things off by tying a matching ribbon or bow around the gift. These kinds of ribbons and bows are available, of course, with cat motifs designed specifically for cat enthusiasts!

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Cat-themed greeting cards

Have you already found the perfect cat-themed gift, but now you’re wondering how to create the right cat-themed greeting card? Remember, cats aren’t just adorable to look at; they’re also good for your soul! So if you’re looking for a perfect text for your greeting card, why not send your cat-loving friend a wise cat saying? If you remind your friend of all the love their favourite feline brings them every day, you’ll make them happy in a matter of seconds.

Cat-themed decorations

If you find yourself in a home full of cat-themed decorations, you can be pretty sure you’re in the home of a cat lover. You might see images of cats everywhere, even in bed, where a cosy cat-themed duvet keeps them warm. People who like cats often also like to give their home a personal touch. You might notice their fondness for cats in every corner of their flat, even on the balcony or in the garden. What can you gift them that might enhance the ambience even more?

Cat accessories

Cat accessories are a statement that adds value to a cat lover’s overall look. When you add a little “cat extra” to your basic look, you’re not only showing that you’re crazy about cats, you’re also spicing up your outfit! For example, cat accessories⁴ are the perfect thank-you tokens for that cat-loving friend who looked after your kitty while you were on vacation. 

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Funny cat-themed gifts

Would you prefer to give the gift of cat-related humour? There are plenty of hilarious cat-themed gifts out there. However, before you start looking, you should make sure that you at least know the recipient of the gift well enough to know what makes them tick. Does your friend share your sense of humour? Will they be able to laugh about the gift you’re giving them? Remember, what’s funny for one person may be inappropriate for another. If in doubt, opt for a tactful gift and skip the hilarious ones.

Books about cats

Is your cat-loving friend a real bookworm who simply devours books? If so, maybe a book about cats is the best choice for them! There are a variety of genres of books with cat-related themes out there. For example, there are non-fiction and reference books that educate and inform about cat-related topics. But there are also works of fiction, such as novels with four-pawed heroes, which show the reader the world from a cat’s perspective.

A trip to the cat café

If you know a cat lover who’s not able to own a cat themselves, you can make them very happy with the help of a very special gift: a trip to the cat café! When you take your friend to this kind of feline-centred café, they’ll be able to spend a sociable afternoon with coffee, cake and cats. In a way, cats are part of the inventory here. As a cat café guest, your friend will have the choice: they can just watch the fluffy felines or also pet and play with them. They can decide what they want to do when they get there. Either way, this kind of sociable get-together is good for people and cats!

Frequently asked questions about gifts for cat lovers

What gifts are best for cat lovers?

The most popular gifts for cat lovers are items that feature a cat motif. Whether it’s a pin with a cat on it or a sugar bowl with a kitty motif, there’s nothing you can’t find! You’ll be able to choose from unusual designer pieces to cat curiosities, with nothing left to be desired!

What gifts are best for cat owners?

Cat owners will be delighted to receive cat toys, cat furniture and cat grooming-related gifts. There are great grooming tools for cat care out there, for example, combs with special teeth, brushes, trimming knives and even hair balm to help with combing. 

What gifts can you give cats themselves?

A cat shouldn’t have to play with the same toy all the time, no matter how great the toy is. At some point, they’re going to get bored. When this happens, it’s time for a change: you can make any cat happy by giving them a new cat toy.

What DIY toys can you make for cats?

Are you less than impressed with the cat-related items that are available at retail stores? Are all the gifts too “standardised” or “off-the-rack” for you? Well, even if you have limited skills, you can make your own great toys and equipment for cats from very simple things: DIY cat fun, brand: self-made.

What are some funny cat-themed gifts?

Would you like your cat-themed gift to be funny? How about a practical little assistant that’s sure to make the recipient smile every time they use it? For example, a pencil sharpener or a bottle stopper in the shape of a cat or a thermo mug with a cat motif?