Cat hygiene with Cat’s Best – a clean affair

o trees are felled for Cat’s Best, because Cat’s Best is made from sustainable, PEFC-certified secondary wood raw materials from the timber industry, which are completely biodegradable. Ideal for short change intervals or as additional litter for wet areas (e.g. around drinking troughs, etc.).

Use and disposal of litter


Fill the tray with Cat’s Best cat litter up to a height of 5-7 cm.


Dispose of the litter and solid waste in the household waste. Please observe the local disposal regulations.

Hygiene pellets made from heat-treated plant fibers, particularly suitable for:

Guinea pigs
Many species of birds

Available Sizes

4 kg compact bag: approx. 7 litres
5,5 kg compact bag: approx. 10 litres
11 kg advantage pack: approx. 20 litres
22 kg advantage pack: approx. 40 litres

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