OriginIran, formerly Persia
Looksmedium sized cat
Weight3,5 – 7 kg
Coatlong haired
Colourall colours
Eyesvarious colours
Charactertrusting, peaceful, friendly
Special traitlong, dense coat with a fine, silky texture, a full ruff on chest and shoulders

What is the special trait of this breed?

Big cuddling fan

The long haired breed has a remarkable appearance: a massive body with relatively short, sturdy legs. The large, round paws ideally trait hair tufts between the toes. In addition – a broad chest, muscular shoulders and a robust back. A long, dense coat with a fine, silky structure, with an immense ruff covering shoulders and chest. 

Due to their sweet character, the Persian is one of the most popular breeds- balanced and affectionate – a real fan of tender loving care – with a passion for long cuddling sessions! It enjoys cohabitation with other cats, and as a peacekeeper is also the ideal house mate for other pets. The Persian is a perfect family cat getting along well with older children, however it will always be cautious with visitors and other strangers it has never met before.

What are the traits unique to the Persian cat?

Chilling Queen

A Persian cat always has a flat, relatively small nose. The snub nose however is still highly sensitive for anything appealing to it! It is typical for this breed to sit on their favourite spot for hours on end – relaxed and in complete harmony with themselves and the world.

They are in no way a bundle of energy but at the same time they are not stoic either. If things get too hectic, they may – calmly – withdraw to a more peaceful corner.

Relaxed and cosy –“rather chill than drill” is their life motto.

Nevertheless, some also like play and fun. However, they might need a bit more inspiration than other cats to leave their favourite snoozing place – so you may have to motivate them a little to join the playing routine at times.

However, when they are still small, they will enjoy playing around the clock just the same as any other kitten!

Interesting facts on keeping and care

Get the comb out!

If you love a soft coat and enjoy its grooming, the Persian is just the ideal candidate for you. This long haired breed cannot live without assistance: daily eye and coat inspection are a must. The imposing, dense hair will quickly become matted if it is not brushed and combed every day. The eyes also need their share of daily inspection and care. 

Here you will find more information on how to do this properly: The coat needs to be brushed daily and matted hair tufts must be carefully separated with a wide toothed comb. Especially the chest, chin and the tail as well as the inside of the legs are to be examined for matted parts. 

No end in sight? – Sometimes, there are spots so hopelessly entangled that the scissors are the only possible solution: In this case, make things easier for your pet by carefully cutting them out. Here are some useful tips on long haired coat care.

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