History of the Nebelung Cat

The history of the Nebelung cat begins in the mid-1980s in the United States. While there had certainly been blue kittens with longer fur before, even in locations outside the US, there hadn’t been any professional breeding of such cats until then. As long-haired cats became more and more popular, the gene variant for medium-long fur in the British Shorthair was enhanced with Persian genes, and the result was … the Nebelung! These lovely cats are similar in body structure and temperament to the Russian Blue, but they have long fur.

Appearance of the Nebelung cat

In terms of appearance, the Nebelung resembles the Russian Blue. Both are medium-size breeds with relatively long bodies, yet despite their length, they don’t appear heavyset. The Nebelung’s head is rounder and slightly more wedge-shaped than the Russian Blue, and it has wide-set almond-shaped eyes. Like the Russian Blue, the Nebelung’s ears are wider on the underside and taper to a point. The end of the Nebelung’s bushy tail is rounded, and the profile of its nose is straight. Nebelungs have strong chins and distinctive whisker pads.

Size of the Nebelung cat

How big does a Nebelung get? It takes roughly 12 months before the Nebelung is considered to be an adult cat. With a shoulder height of 20 to 30 cm – measured from the front paws to the highest point of the shoulder blade – Nebelung females are medium-sized cats. At 30 to 40 cm, the males of this breed are slightly larger and usually have a somewhat stockier stature.

Weight of the Nebelung cat

How much does a Nebelung weigh? According to current breed standards for these cats, a female Nebelung should weigh approximately 4 to 5 kg. Since the males of this breed are somewhat stockier in terms of body structure and bone mass, they are correspondingly heavier. Compared to their female counterparts, the average weight of Nebelung males is roughly 6 to 7 kg.

Coat of the Nebelung

The coat of a Nebelung has a fluffy texture. Even though it’s long, the hair is dense rather than flowing, and this lush fur tends to stick out from the body. Their hair is reminiscent of Persian cats, who also contributed genetically to the quality of the Nebelung fur. The fur on their hind legs and around the base of their neck is longer. It will look as if the Nebelung is wearing pantaloons and a ruff. It’s typical for them to have a lion’s mane and half-length “fur trousers” that get tighter at the knee.

Coat colour of the Nebelung

The coat of the Nebelung has a silvery and shimmering blue-gray colour. The blue colour with the silver shimmer should be continuous and even: each individual hair of the nebula is lighter at the base and darker at the tip. So-called “ghost drawings” –patterns on the fur that are not completely pronounced and only show through delicately in some places – are not very popular at exhibitions. The Nebelung’s paw pads and the tip of their nose are the same blue-grey colour as their fur.

Length of the Nebelung’s coat

The Nebelung’s fur is semi-long. They have a medium-length coat; however, their fur is a little bit longer around the neck, tail and hind legs. It looks as if they’re wearing calf-length trousers. The upper part of the hind legs is covered with fur that is fuller and fluffier, but from the knee onwards it becomes a little denser again.

Coat pattern of the Nebelung

The pattern of the Nebelung cat is uniformly blue-gray. According to the breed standard, the coat should be monochrome. In other words, cats of this breed shouldn’t have any bands or nuances of different colours in their fur. The only thing that’s desirable in the Nebelung is the silver effect that’s typical for this breed. It’s a genetic peculiarity that results in the colour gradient at the tips of the hair and makes the Nebelung coat shine mystically. A specific mutation is responsible for turning the dominant colour (black) into the diluted colour (silver blue).

Eyes of the Nebelung

Nebelung cats have expressive eyes that are large and almond-shaped. What’s most striking is how far apart they are on the cat’s head. If you’re not already enchanted by the plush coat of these furry tigers, one look at their eyes will melt your heart. What a breathtaking contrast! Shiny and silver-blue fur and sparkling green eyes. It’s enough to blow any cat lover away!

Special features of the Nebelung cat

The Nebelung’s unique name has “legendary” origins! In fact, the name “Nebelung” is actually the combination of two words: “Nebel”, which means fog or mist in German, and “Nibelungen”, which is the title of a medieval German legend. In other words, the name highlights the cats’ “foggy” and silvery shimmering fur, while at the same time paying tribute to the first Nebelung’s parents, Brunhilde and Siegfried, two cats named after characters in the heroic epic known as the Nibelungenlied. Brunhilde was a female warrior referred to as a Valkyrie, and Siegfried was a brave dragon slayer.

Key attributes of the Nebelung cat

In terms of physical characteristics, the Nebelung is very similar to the Russian Blue. Like Russian Blues, Nebelungs have a muscular build yet are still very elegant. At first glance, you might think you’re looking at a long-haired Russian Blue. But is it true? Is the Nebelung just a semi-longhaired version of the Russian Blue? Not quite. The parents of the first Nebelung were the offspring of a black short-haired female and a black long-haired male. Both cats were the only long-haired cats with blue fur in their respective litters.

Character of the Nebelung

In terms of character, Nebelung cats are rather calm. These sensitive creatures don’t like loud noises around them; that kind of chaos only stresses them out. They prefer things to be very tranquil. And, please, no rushing around! Nebelung cats like to play, but they’re also capable of spending hours in their favourite spot or enjoying some cosy downtime on the sofa with their favourite humans. Although they’re open to unfamiliar people and animals, they usually need some time to make friends and warm up to any “intruders”.

Price of the Nebelung Cat

How much does a Nebelung cat cost? The price of a cat of this breed is between €950 and €1,400 and depends on its pedigree, that is, on the kitten’s parents. The breeder’s expenses will also have an impact on the price. A cat from a serious breeder will have proof of the cat being dewormed and vaccinated. It’s also worth inquiring at your local animal shelter. Every once in a while, among the emergency cases there, you might find a pedigree cat like the Nebelung looking for a new home!

Breeding the Nebelung cat

The targeted breeding of the Nebelung cat has been underway since the 1980s, which makes it a relatively young breed. Although these cuddly felines are becoming increasingly popular, especially in Europe, it’s still difficult to find established, professional breeders that breed this cat. Such breeders are rare and exclusive! This might be due to the fact that the Nebelung wasn’t recognised as an independent breed by all common associations for a long time. For breeders, that meant a certain risk, because officially recognised pedigree cats sell better than cats that lack a certified pedigree.

Things to know about keeping and caring for Nebelung

Caring for the coat of a Nebelung is not as time-consuming as you might think. Since their fur isn’t prone to matting, thanks to the very fine undercoat, grooming takes relatively little time. It’s usually enough to brush your Nebelung once or twice a week. In addition to grooming, you should also brush your cat’s teeth from time to time. It’s best to get your Nebelung kittens used to having their teeth brushed early on. If you succeed at that early on, the whole process becomes a smooth ritual the kittens are familiar with!

The Nebelung kitten

Nebelung kittens become adults at the age of approximately 12 months. It can take a little longer for male cats to fully grow than female cats. Both sexes will reach their final appearance when they’re almost two years old. At that point, their fur will have achieved its final texture and have its monochrome coat. Up until that point, isolated patterns may still show through in the fur of Nebelung kittens. The colour of their eyes also changes with age. While the eyes of Nebelung kittens are initially yellow-green, as soon as they become adults, their eyes will turn a vivid and intense green.

Typical diseases of the Nebelung cat

There are no diseases known to be specific to Nebelung cats. In fact, the Nebelung is a very robust and healthy cat breed. Hereditary predispositions to certain diseases have not yet emerged on a large scale. However, like all cats, a Nebelung may become ill if it doesn’t receive the type of care that’s appropriate to the breed. It will also be susceptible to diseases if you don’t make sure that its immune system is strengthened. A strong immune system will protect your Nebelung from getting sick. This requires consistent care and regular health check-ups at the vet.

Life expectancy of the Nebelung cat

The average life expectancy of a Nebelung cat is between 15 and 18 years. What can you do to ensure that your Nebelung reaches a ripe old age? First, don’t forget that nothing’s for free. For your cat to have a long life, it helps if they’ve inherited healthy genes. But they’re also going to need a species-appropriate diet, excellent care and plenty of things to keep them busy and engaged. Physical fitness and mental well-being will also ensure a long cat life. Remember, fun and games are good for cats!