ORIGIN USA, Great Britain
APPEARANCEmedium sized
WEIGHTFemale 3.0 – 4.0 kg, Male 4.0 – 5.0 kg
FURmedium length, practically no undercoat
DRAWINGParti-Colour, Tortie, Solid, Tabby
COLOURBlue, Brown, Cream, Cinnamon, Lavender, Black
EYESGreen, blue – or one eye green and the other eye blue – with white coat
CHARACTERaffectionate, adventurous, outgoing
SPECIAL FEATURES Longer coat on neck, shoulders and tail.

The History of the Javanese Cat Breed

The Javanese cat breed belongs to the Orientals, but its history does not begin in the tropics. Its name sounds as if Java is its home, but geographically this breed originates from Europe and the USA. There, their breeders probably found that the name “Javanese” fits perfectly to a Far Eastern beauty. And rightly so! That Javanese cats are members of the Oriental family and purebred exotics is obvious at first sight: Javanese are elegant beauties with a strong personality.

Appearance of the Javanese

What does a Javanese cat look like? Javanese cats are Oriental Longhair cats. They look like Oriental Shorthair cats with medium length fur. So like Balinese? If you see a Balinese cat, you might think you are looking at a Siamese cat, but one with extensions. Not quite! Javanese cats do not have markings like Siamese or Balinese. And blue eyes only occur in contemporaries with white fur. Otherwise the Javanese eye colour is deep green.

Size of the Javanese

How big are Javanese cats? With an average shoulder height of 30 to 38 cm and a body length of 90 to 100 cm – measured from the tip of the nose to the end of the tail – Javanese belong to the medium-sized cats. The build of the males is inherently somewhat more expansive and powerful than the torso of the females of this breed

Weight of the Javanese

Javanese females are somewhat more petite than the males of this cat breed.  But when fully grown, the females also weigh 3.0 to 4.0 kg. Javanese males are of larger stature – their body is more expansive, they are built a bit more massive – and they weigh more than the Javanese ladies: when they step on the scales, the pointer stands at 4.0 to 5.0 kg.

Javanese coat

Javanese belong to the semi-longhaired cat breeds. Despite the length of their coat, Javanese never look shaggy or thick, because their semi-long coat lies close to the body. Not only an attractive eye-catcher, but a real pleasure to touch this silky soft coat! And the half-length coat doesn’t even need intensive grooming: brushing and combing every now and then is enough.

Coat colour

The coat of Javanese cats has the same colouring as the coat of Oriental Shorthair cats. The most popular colours of the coat are blue, brown and black. However, the expressive light green eyes of the Javanese can also be contrasted with pastel shades such as cream, cinnamon or lavender.

Coat length

What is the length of the coat of the Javanese cat? Cats of this breed could be described as the semi-longhaired variety of the Oriental Shorthair. Their sleek, long body is very similar to that of their shorthair relatives. But the coat of the Javanese cat is longer. Javanese are therefore called Oriental Longhair.

Drawing of the coat

No two Javanese cats are alike. And every cat is unique. Why is that? Depending on the breed, there is an extra topping to the variety of colours through the individual markings of the coat: In addition to the plain-coloured variants, the cat coat is also available with parti-colour, tortoiseshell or tabby markings. This makes every cat unmistakable!

Eyes of the Javanese cat

Javanese cats have almond-shaped, expressive eyes, which are slightly slanted. The eye colour of the Javanese is a bright green. Javanese with white fur are an exception. They can also have blue eyes or a pair of eyes of different colours: One eye is then blue, the other green. A brightly shining array of colours for the moment.

Special features of the Javanese

What is special about the Javanese? These cats have this special charisma by nature: slender beauties that are surrounded by an oriental aura. This is partly due to their appearance, but also to their steel strength. Their head is wedge-shaped. The face forms a triangle with the large ears. The chin is well developed, but not too massive. The straight nose is relatively strong and elongates the forehead.

Characteristics of the Javanese cat

Is there possibly a fox in there? A striking feature of the Javanese cat is its very fine, luxuriant coat, which is longer in some places: on its body the coat is semi-long, but on the neck Javanese cats have a regular ruff! The shoulders and tail are also very bushy. The fluffy tail tapers to a point at the end – similar to the tail of a fox.

Character of the Javanese

Do you fancy a “burdock cat”? Then a Javanese cat is just right for you! Their character is very affectionate, but they have their own will, which they like to make known loudly. This cat breed is very lively and open to every kind of mischief! They like to be kept busy and challenged. As playmates other Orientals are great, the chemistry is right. But also active and playful companions of other breeds are very welcome! 

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Javanese Prize

What does a Javanese cat cost? The price varies between 900 and 1,100 euros. That sounds expensive? But a serious breeder also invests a lot. In contrast to a “breeder”, he not only takes care of the nutrition and the pure keeping of parents and kittens, but also that all animals are healthy and lively – and above all stay that way! If you buy a kitten from a breeder with a good reputation, it has been wormed and received the basic vaccinations at the vet.

The breeding of the Javanese

Javanese cats have been recognised by the Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA) since 1979. The other organisations see the Javanese only as an “offshoot” of the Balinese and not as a cat breed per se. Breeders in Canada and the United States originally wanted to breed a Siamese cat with longer hair – a Balinese cat. This also resulted in a gene variant with longer hair: an Oriental Semi-Longhair cat, the Oriental Longhair, also called Mandarin or Javanese.

Things to know about keeping and caring for Javanese cats

The affectionate Javanese cats are enthusiastic play children until old age. They therefore appreciate demanding toys that challenge them. And they need stable furniture for climbing and jumping. As these velvet paws have hardly any undercoat, grooming does not take much time: Brush and comb once a week. And when the coat is changed, thoroughly remove the loose hairs: done!

The Javanese Kitten

Javanese kittens are lively and curious. They love to discover new games for themselves every day! For this, there are the “play classics” such as small balls or mice – with or without noise or squeaking. Fast, jagged movements excite all cats immensely. With a pounce, the supposed prey is then pinned down: Great cinema! The little ones have already mastered this like the big ones.

Typical diseases of the Javanese cat

Do Javanese cats have diseases that are more common in this breed? As Javanese are one of the robust breeds, there are no known typical diseases that they could pass on to the next generation. However, the annual health check is as important for Javanese as for all other cats: The cat is thoroughly examined and, if necessary, vaccinated as a precaution.

Life expectancy of Javanese cats

How old do Javanese cats live? With an average life expectancy of 20 years, Javanese cats live to a very old age. 20 cat years are equivalent to 96 human years! However, it can never be said in general how long a cat will live. It depends on many different factors. Unfortunately, the life cycle of a cat is usually shorter than that of “its” humans. 

Frequently asked questions about Javanese cat breed

How much does a Javanese cat cost?

The price for a Javanese cat from a reputable cattery is approximately 900 to 1,100 Euros*, depending on the pedigree.
*Source: Javanese Katze: Alle Infos zur Orientalisch Langhaar (, 03.06.2022

How old do Javanese cats live?

Javanese cats have an average life expectancy of 20 years.

What does a Javanese cat look like?

The body of the Javanese cat appears elegant and graceful. A slender cat, but strongly and muscularly built.

How big do Javanese cats grow?

With an average shoulder height of 30 to 38 cm and a body length of 90 to 100 cm, the Javanese cat belongs to the medium-sized cats.

When are Javanese cats fully grown?

The growth phase of Javanese cats is completed at 9 to 24 months.

Should Javanese cats be kept indoors or outdoors?

Javanese cats can be kept indoors and outdoors

Where does the Javanese cat come from?

The Javanese cat is bred in the United States and Great Britain.

Are Javanese cats playful?

Javanese cats are very playful until they are very old.

Which cat suits the Javanese cat?

The Javanese cat goes well with cats that are similar in temperament. This can be other oriental breeds, but also cats of any other breeds.

How active are Javanese cats?

Javanese are very active cats. They need a lot of activity, attention and at least one equal playmate. 

Can Javanese cats be kept alone?

Javanese cats need company and should therefore not be kept alone. 

Are Javanese cats sociable?

Javanese cats are very sociable and affectionate. They do not want to be alone and need “their” people and conspecifics around them.

Are Javanese cats susceptible to diseases?

Javanese cats can get sick like all other cats; typical diseases that only affect this breed are not known so far.

What are the characteristics of the Javanese cat?

On their body the coat is semi-long, but on the neck Javanese cats have a regular ruff! The shoulders and tail are also very bushy.

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