What are the differences between them?

Which is better suited to me, a male or female cat? And is it OK to have both a male and female cat at home?

The fairer and the stronger sex – do these attributes apply when it comes to cat genders? Males in the animal kingdom are known for going to great lengths to make an impression on females, whether by means of their behaviour or an imposing appearance. What do our cats think about all that? Do male and female cats differ significantly in terms of their appearance and behaviour? Is it possible to determine the sex of a cat just by looking at them? And which is better suited as a housemate, a male or female cat?

Determining the sex of a cat

WShould your future housecat be male or female? And is it even possible to determine a cat’s gender? These are very important questions! Many prospective cat owners start thinking well in advance whether a male or female cat would be a better fit in their home, especially if there are other members in the household. It’s actually not always that easy to determine whether a cat is male or female, especially with kittens! Sometimes you might even discover that your little “Leo” is actually a “Lea”. Oops!

Compare the genitals

Even for experienced cat connoisseurs, it’s not always easy to determine whether a cat is male or female just by comparing the cat’s genitals. This is because kittens’ sex organs are still tiny at first – the younger the kitten, the more difficult it is! At around the age of eight weeks, it will slowly but surely become clear if the fur ball you’re looking at is a future male or female cat.

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Coat colour as an indication of the sex of your cat

The colour of your cat’s coat might also be an indication of its sex. Why are tri-coloured cats almost always female and why are “red” cats almost always male? Well, whereas a Y chromosome has no colour, an X chromosome has exactly one colour. And some dominant characteristics only come into play if there’s a gene present to trigger it. Some characteristics are inherited in a sex-specific manner, including the coat colour known as “red”.

Male or female cat: Which one best suits me?

Before you decide which cat should move in with you, you should think carefully about what exactly the cat itself will need and whether you’re able to offer it to them. Is a male or female cat better suited to me? Cats are individuals, and each one of them is fundamentally unique in terms of their nature, not just in their appearance. Are there any gender-specific behavioural qualities or special character traits that are particular to each sex?

Young male vs. young female cats

Which is better as a pet, a young male or female cat? It’s worth taking a look at all of the kittens in action before you take one home. Every litter will have highly spirited kittens as well as more reserved ones. When a male or female cat is still young, however, it’s difficult to predict what temperament they’ll have in adulthood. Both male and female cats can be very people-oriented, but they also might love their own freedom and independence.

Unneutered males vs. unneutered females

An unneutered male or female cat? Female cats enjoy petting sessions and hanging out together, just like male cats do. From time to time, however, females also like to withdraw and go off on their own, and they’re also known for avoiding arguments. Unneutered males are known for covering longer distances: they tend to mark their territory and defend it every day, both outside and inside their own home!

Neutered males vs. neutered females

Is it better to have a neutered male or a neutered female cat? Neutering has a positive effect on the temperament of both male and female cats. When their hormones are in balance, both male and female cats will be more even-tempered. For example, a male cat neutered at the right time will no longer have to constantly mark its territory, while a neutered female cat will no longer go into heat. This means less transmission of diseases and no recurring heat cycles. It also means those long nights of caterwauling will be a thing of the past. Your neighbours will thank you…

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Which are the cuddliest cats, males or females?

Are male cats more cuddly and affectionate than females? You might have heard people say that female cats are more solitary and reclusive than their male counterparts. But isn’t that just another cliché, like “all men are into sports”? In fact, both male and female cats can be very cuddly. There are also feline representatives of both sexes who will only show up for a cuddle every now and then. Things like genes, age, socialisation and past experience are much more likely to determine a cat’s character than their gender.

Can you keep male and female cats in the same home?

Can you keep a male and female cat together in the same home? If the male and female kittens come from the same litter, they’ll probably be able to live together for a long time. As the two get older, however, the male’s physique will become inherently stronger. This will become noticeable when the cats play and eat, and the physically superior tomcat will likely assert itself more forcefully. This is why it’s better to have same-sex cats in your home! In addition, don’t forget that cats are very fertile! A female cat that is not neutered can have up to three litters each year. So you should have them all neutered!

Can you get male and female cats used to each other?  

Having male and female cats together in one household is something you should think about carefully in advance! Your opportunity to avoid stress over the long term is greater if the two cats in your home are the same sex. If you’re still interested in how to get your male and female cats used to each other, it’s advisable to keep the animals separate from one another at first. After that, you should get them used to each other very slowly – step by step – and with a lot of sensitivity.

When a female cat attacks a male cat – What should you do?

Are things not really working out between your male and female cats? Did an argument break out between them? Did the female cat attack her male counterpart, or vice versa? What should you do? First of all, try to stay calm! If they’re fighting, you should intervene and end the fight in a determined way, but don’t ever use force. Separate the two cats in terms of space, and make it clear which behaviour is okay for you and which is not. For the time being, pamper the peaceful cat and ignore the attacker.


You won’t be able to determine which cat is perfect for you based on gender alone! Take your time and examine each cat’s behaviour. Get to know them and find out what makes them tick. As soon as you’ve spent some time with them, choose the cat you’re most drawn to. If there’s a cat you like better than the others, then that’s the right one for you.

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Frequently asked questions about male or female cat

How can I tell if a cat is male or female?

You can tell whether a cat is male or female by looking at their genitals. The colour of the cat’s coat might also give you a clue, as some coat colours reveal sex-linked traits that are passed on solely among members of one gender.

What do you call a male cat?

A male cat is referred to as a tomcat.

How do you determine the sex of a kitten?

After roughly eight weeks, you can determine the sex of a kitten by taking a closer look at the shape and spacing of their anus and genitals. In both male and female kittens, the anus is the first small round opening directly below the tail. After that, you’ll either see a slit-shaped opening below the anus (female cat) or a round-shaped hole a little bit further down, with the scrotum in between (male cat).lb und die Genitalien unterhalb von Anus und Hodensack bei Katern.

How early can you tell which sex a cat has?

You’re only going to be able to tell whether a cat is male or female after around eight weeks. Before that, the kitten’s sexual organs will still be so small that it will be difficult to come to any reliable conclusion.

When do testicles become visible in male cats?

The factors that determine when a male cat’s testicles move into the scrotum and become visible depend on the breed of cat and the state of their health. In many breeds, the testicles become visible after about a month; in others, it takes a little longer. In some cases, you won’t be able to see the testicles, but you’ll be able to feel them.

Can a male cat have teats?

Since cats are mammals, both male and female cats have an average of six to eight teats on the lower side of their bellies. It makes no difference whether the cat is male or female. Male cats from the same litter may even have more teats than their sisters, even though their teats will never be used!

Are all “red” cats male?

Not all “red” (orange-coloured) cats are male, but the majority are. It all depends on the coat colour of the cat’s mother, not of the cat’s father. Red cats will be male if their mother, the female cat, had the red coat colour and passed it on to her offspring via a dominant X chromosome.

Are all tricolour cats female?

Almost all tricolour cats – that is, cats with three colours of fur – are female. Why is that? It’s actually the result of something called “epigenetic inheritance”: female cats have two X chromosomes, each of which can carry a gene for coat colour. If a cat’s parents have different fur colours, these colours will meet and form the spotted fur colours of so-called “lucky cats” on the bodies of their offspring.e bilden sie die gescheckte Fellfarben der „Glückskatzen“.

Which is best for me, a male or female cat?

You won’t find the cat that’s right for you just by choosing a specific gender! Take your time with every cat that’s in the running and see if their behaviour fits your own character and lifestyle. First get to know the cat, and then make your choice.  As soon as you find the one that fits your personality, that will be the right one for you!

Are male cats more affectionate than female cats?

Every litter will have rambunctious kittens as well as more reserved ones. When a male or female cat is still young, it’s difficult to predict what temperament they’ll have in adulthood. Both male and female cats can be very affectionate, but they might also truly enjoy their own freedom and independence.

Which cats are cuddlier, males or females?

There’s no black-and-white answer to this question. In fact, both male and female cats can be very cuddly. Still, there will always be cats of both genders that only come to cuddle every now and then. In other words, the character of our feline friends is much more likely to be determined by genes, age, socialisation and past experience than gender.

Can you keep a male and female cat together in the same home?

If the male and female kittens come from the same litter, things will probably go well at first. As the two get older, however, the differences between them will be become apparent. The male cat’s physique will be stronger, and this will become noticeable when playing and eating – often to the detriment of the female cat.

Can male and female cats live together?

Male cats are physically superior and will assert themselves more forcefully. In addition, don’t forget that cats are very fertile! It’s possible for an unneutered female cat to have up to three litters a year. So, if you’re going to have male and female cats living together in your home, please be sure to have them neutered!

How do I introduce my current cat to a new cat?

If you’ve decided to add another cat to your home, you should first make sure that the new cat’s personality matches that of the cat that’s already living there. They should be similar in terms of age, gender and preferences. At the beginning, it might be wise to separate the animals spatially and very slowly allow them to become accustomed to one another, always with the utmost in sensitivity.

Why is my female cat attacking my male cat?

There are many possible reasons why your female cat might be attacking your male cat. Whereas male cats enjoy frolicking and scuffling around among their own kind, female cats prefer to avoid skirmishes. If females find themselves in such situations, they’ll feel cornered and want to defend themselves. When that happens, it’s possible they’ll attack their male counterpart!

What should I do if my female cat attacks my male cat?

If your female cat attacks your male cat, you should remain calm, take firm action and don’t let your cat’s aggression make you aggressive too! If you do, you’ll only be passing on this type of behaviour to your animals. Separate the cats having the fight from one another; pay positive attention to the cat that’s been attacked; and let the aggressor cat know that this kind of behaviour is not okay.

When getting a new cat, which gender is best?

If you’ve decided to get a second cat, it’s important to consider the gender. How about two tomcats? Sure, just make sure they’re both neutered! Otherwise you might have some problems, because when two male cats are asked to share a limited territory, sparks will fly! If the chemistry is right between two female cats, they will get along very well. No matter whether you’re getting a second male or female cat, there’s one thing you should always avoid: jealousy!