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Why Cat’s Best?

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Cat’s Best Story

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Cat's Best Sensitive

Cat’s Best Sensitive


Cat’s Best Sensitive was specially developed for sensitive cats. 

Anti-bacterial pearls Cat litter

Cat’s Best Sensitive was specially developed for sensitive cats and its fine grain means it is particularly gentle to soft paws. The fine granularity also results in the formation of compact clumps that can be easily removed, ensuring economic consumption. Cat’s Best Sensitive obtains its natural antibacterial effect from a natural agent which is added to the litter with the green pearls. This supports antibacterial hygiene in the cat litter tray.

Cat’s Best Sensitive also uses the natural power of refined active wood fibres, which effectively absorb liquids and odours - up to seven times their own volume - and trap them deep inside. This neutralises odours so effectively that the cat litter can remain in the litter tray for up to eight weeks. Cat’s Best Sensitive functions best when you regularly dispose of the solid excretions and compact clumps that form after the cat has used the litter tray – using an original Cat’s Best special cat litter shovel, which contains just the right hole spacing for the grain size. This saves time and costs and ensures the type of hygiene and comfort that cats prefer. Like all Cat’s Best products, Cat’s Best Sensitive is made exclusively from renewable raw materials, which means it is both sustainable and biodegradable.

Active wood fibres
clumping cat litter


biodegradable cat litter


soft cat litter

soft on paws

economical cat litter

economical in use

Available sizes of 
Cat’s Best Sensitive

Available sizes Cat's Best Sensitive
2,9 kg bags 7,2 kg bags

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Cat’s Best Smart Pellets
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Use and disposal of litter

Use Cat's Best - filling


Fill the tray with Cat‘s Best cat litter up to a height of 5-7 cm.

Use Cat's Best - cleaning


Remove clumps and solid excretions regularly. The Cat’s Best cat litter shovel is designed especially for the easy removal of clumps.

Use Cat's Best - complete change

Complete change

The weekly cleaning of the cat litter tray is a thing of the past. A complete change of Cat’s Best cat litter lasts for up to eight weeks. 

Use Cat's Best - disposal


Clumps* and solid excretions should be removed and disposed of in the domestic refuse, organic waste, compost or toilet. 

*Please observe local regulations.


This is what Cat’s Best Sensitive looks like


Streubbildung Cat’s Best Sensitive

Cat hygiene with Cat’s Best –
for lasting cleanliness

  • With natural antibacterial pearls to support litter tray hygiene.
  • Made from renewable plant fibre-based raw materials – 100 % natural and with no chemical additives         
  • Made from PEFC-certified secondary raw wood materials - no trees are felled to make Cat’s Best!                                                                                         
  • Very economical: an average of 21 kg of conventional cat litter is consumed per cat per month, but with Cat’s Best the figure is only about 2.1 kg. This is the quantity that needs to be bought, put into the tray, and ultimately disposed of.
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