Russian Blue


Looksmedium sized cat
Weight 2,5 – 6,5 kg
Coatshort haired
Characteraffectionate, gentle, sensitive
Special traitplush texture, dense and short, silky and soft

What is the special trait of this breed?

Elegant lady
Here comes a beauty! Neither too thin nor too big – the long, slender body has a graceful look to it. The Russian Blue struts through life on long legs and delicate paws. The almond-shaped, luminous emerald eyes are contrasting effectively with the silver sheen of the coat. The ears are relatively large, the tail is long with a pointed tip. The coat of the Russian Blue is unique!

One gets the impression as if the Russian Blue has double the amount of hair than other breeds – it is silky and fine with a plush structure and, as opposed to the more common flat hair, stands out from the body. Expressive whiskers and a prominent chin round up the noble appearance.

What traits are unique to the Russian Blue?

Learning to read facial expressions
Though of a captivating beauty, the Russian Blue is no diva in the least– on the contrary! When meowing, it will use the softest of voices and there usually is no scratching, hissing or biting. In fact, the Russian Blue will always avoid conflict. Instead, they will make their wishes known through a broad range of facial expressions which their human may learn to read and interpret.

For that reason, cat lovers with high sensitivity are a good match for this breed: They will easily read her and can act accordingly. Then, the Russian Blue will feel well taken care of. It will reward you with serenity and affection, and may remain a playful companion up until old age.

Interesting facts on keeping and care

There is strength in serenity
The Russian Blue is a calm companion. It appreciates a tranquil life. It wants no hassle or crowding or – horror of horrors – too many humans around, randomly picking it up or cuddling it without permission – that is an absolute no-no! Other pets, dog or cat, are mostly no problem, always provided that the chemistry is right. However, a big family with small kids – with a chaotic daily life – is not the right background for the Russian Blue.

It prefers serenity and cosiness. With such a neat appearance – one might think that the Russian Blue is a high-maintenance cat, but this is in fact not the case! The Russian Blue does not need more brushing than any other short haired cat: Once a week is enough, using either comb or brush – only during coat changing times a little more often is appreciated.

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