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Once again on the winner’s podium – CAT’S BEST ÖkoPlus “very good” in the test from VKI, a partner from Stiftung Warentest* (product-testing and consumer advocacy organisations). It has stood the test a million times – and why? CAT’S BEST ÖkoPlus cat litter with the unique odour and germ trap is simply classy! Now it’s “official” once again.

30 clumping type cat litters were put to the test – 29 bentonite litters and as the only plant-based one - the eco cat litter CAT’S BEST ÖkoPlus. After the test series, which was in part conducted under real conditions in a cat hotel, the Austrian partner of Stiftung Warentest, the Association for Consumer Information (VKI), has now again proven officially: Together with only one other tested product, CAT’S BEST ÖkoPlus clumping litter came out on top: With the mark A!   


Categories such as odour, dust exposure, soiling and disposal were evaluated. In the area of yield, CAT’S BEST ÖkoPlus is the sole winner amongst all 30 types!  

Another unbeatable advantage of CAT’S BEST ÖkoPlus was especially highlighted in the test report: CAT’S BEST plant fibres turn the litter into 

a lightweight and ensure comfortable transport - as opposed to the clumping litters made of the very much heavier mineral material bentonite, which
are really heavy to carry. The report explicitly points out that bentonite cat litter has to be disposed of in normal household waste. The clayey consistency of the clay material is not water-soluble and deposits – unlike plant fibres – in the wastewater pipes. Here too, CAT’S BEST ÖkoPlus

has a clear advantage, because when it is disposed of, the process is not
a problem, saves on garbage and is environmentally friendly: individual clumps of CAT’S BEST ÖkoPlus can actually (of course only according to local regulations) be disposed of in the toilet!

* Source: Verein für Konsumenteninformation (VKI), Vienna (Austria), partner organisation from Stiftung Warentest, Berlin (Germany). Publication Austria: Konsument 1/2014 am 02.01.2014. Publication Germany: Stiftung Warentest, 27.02.2014.     

Source: Verein für Konsumenteninformation (VKI), Austria
Source: Verein für Konsumenteninformation (VKI), Austria

Disposal problems with bentonite

As CAT’S BEST ÖkoPlus was the only plant-based cat litter represented in the test, the test report explicitly points
out that used bentonite cat litter needs to be disposed of as normal domestic waste. This is because the clayey consistency of the material makes it insoluble in water, so it might collect as a deposit on waste water pipes – and
it is not compostable either.


Waste-saving and environmentally friendly

Cat litter is one of the biggest individual items in the residual waste volume of German households. When disposing of bentonite litter by way of the domestic waste collection, you must take into account the high waste disposal charges, not to mention other negative consequences, like odour pollution and repeated pickups. Here again CAT’S BEST ÖkoPlus has clearly found favour in the eyes of the consumer, because it is exceptionally waste-saving and environmentally friendly.


The organic product philosophy

With the test we see our organic product philosophy confirmed: in our products, only untreated, natural plant fibers are used, obtained from local spruce and fir wood. These renewable raw materials derived exclusively from a monitored forest cycle, where we get more timber that is consumed.

Overexploitation of nature, such as those in the mining of minerals and clays for the production of mineral litter, we disapprove categorically for our raw material procurement.


Critical consumers reverse trends

Currently, a large part of the litter on the market is still produced mineral basic raw material. But, in our opinion, a
clear trend could be observed: the consumer is becoming increasingly critical and sensitive to environmental issues and their practical implications. This consumer claim is accepted with our organic product philosophy statement.

Another important environmental factor, unfortunately far too little attented, is the disposal problem in cats litter.
Against all recommendations and regulations many households dispose of the cat litter in the household toilet or drain. Result: beginning from blocked drains to collapsing waste water treatments the mineral resources of mineral litter products cause a wide range of problems. These problems do not occur with our JRS litter products from plant fiber.

CAT’S BEST ÖkoPlus is currently the only biodegradable and compostable cat litter on the market. Depending on local regulations, CAT’S BEST ÖkoPlus could be disposed of in the bio-waste container. In general, the composting 

in the garden is also possible.

Mineral products, however, are rotproof!


Innovative, plant-based litter products

JRS provides a wide range of innovative products for a wide variety of animal beddings and application needs. CAT’S BEST ÖkoPlus was intentionally developed as an organic product with excellent technical properties, based on long experience with natural plant fiber bedding products.

Thanks to the excellent absorbtion of used plant fibres CAT’S BEST ÖkoPlus has no artificial or chemical additives for fragrances or flavouring. As well, for the clumping a pure plant derived products is used. The high absorbency ensures that with CAT’S BEST ÖkoPlus quite drastically material and weight and so transport and storage space can be saved. Especially under this consideration the price / benefit has to be rated totally new.


CAT’S BEST ÖkoPlus – the best solution for consumers and nature!  

* Be sure to check your local disposal regulations!

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