Once again on the winner’s podium

It has stood the test a million times – and why? CAT´S BEST ÖkoPlus cat litter with the unique odour and germ trap is simply classy! Now it’s “official” once again.

30 clumping type cat litters were put to the test – 29 bentonite litters and as the only plant-based one - the eco cat litter CAT´S BEST ÖkoPlus. After the test series, which was in part conducted under real conditions in a cat hotel, the Austrian partner of Stiftung Warentest, the Association for Consumer Information (VKI), has now again proven officially: Together with only one other tested product, CAT´S BEST ÖkoPlus clumping litter came out on top: With the mark 1!      

Cat's Best Test

Categories such as odour, dust exposure, soiling and disposal were evaluated. In the area of yield, CATS BEST ÖkoPlus is the sole winner amongst all 30 types!   Another unbeatable advantage of CAT´S BEST ÖkoPlus was especially highlighted in the test report: CAT´ S Best plant fibres turn the litter into a lightweight and ensure comfortable transport - as opposed to the clumping litters made of the very much heavier mineral material bentonite, which are really heavy to carry. The report explicitly points out that bentonite cat litter has to be disposed of in normal household waste. The clayey consistency of the clay material is not water-soluble and deposits – unlike plant fibres – in the wastewater pipes. Here too, CAT´S BEST ÖkoPlus has a clear advantage, because when it is disposed of, the process is not a problem, saves on garbage and is environmentally friendly: individual clumps of CAT´S BEST ÖkoPlus can actually (of course only according to local regulations) be disposed of in the toilet!

* Source: Verein für Konsumenteninformation (VKI), Vienna (Austria), partner organisation from Stiftung Warentest, Berlin (Germany). Publication Austria: Konsument 1/2014 am 02.01.2014. Publication Germany: Stiftung Warentest Test.de, 27.02.2014.   

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