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Dear cat lovers,

Cats occupy a special place in my heart. I find their unique nature and their beauty fascinating. I grew up with wonderful cat personalities, and had the luck that I have always been able to share my life with velvet-pawed animal companions – most recently with my Urmel.

Enjoy here the cat stories of

Bolle & Simba

Katzengeschichte When you see our little Bolle, it makes you think of the film ‘Rabbit Without Ears’. His mum is a Scottish fold. These Scottish short-haired cats have been bred since the 1960s, and the folded lop ears are their typical feature. Bolle’s brother Simba, on the other hand, takes after his father – a classic British short-hair. This particular cat breed has been around for more than 100 years.    

Bolle and Simba were born with three other siblings in the same litter – two of them with lop ears and one without. The two brothers are very different, not just in looks but in character. Bolle is a comfortable omnivore and just adores cuddles. Simba is rather particular. When he’s concocting a scheme, he often gets Bolle to try it out first. Our chaps are completely happy   with CAT ´S BEST. They have three toilets to choose from, so there has never yet been an accident. It’s typical of Simba that he does a big job immediately when we have just changed the toilet.

But as CAT ´S BEST clumps so well, that’s not a problem either. Simba’s a clever chap – he loves ‘clicking’. This is behavioural training with an acoustic signal. When the cat gets it right, it gets a reward. Simba adores ‘clicking’, he can actually sit up and beg and shake hands! Bolle just looks on and shakes his head. It’s their very different characters that make our two cats so adorable. We would never dream of giving them away!

S. Seibert



Katzengeschichte My cat family started with Sir Pepe. He came from an ‘animal hoarding’ household, and was just a little heap of misery when I got him. After he had recovered with tender loving care from me, I acquired my gorgeous Lord Theo from a breeder as a playmate for him. Sometime after that I found myself wanting to give a handicapped cat a home. I heard about what had happened to Jilly on Facebook. She comes from Spain, and had been taken in by an animal rescue organisation from an abandoned safari park, along with some neglected dogs. Having probably been blind from birth, she was in terrible condition to begin with, and needed a lot of care to get healthy again. But she is a lucky cat, after all, and the pictures of her that were posted on Facebook had the right effect – I wanted to adopt her immediately! That was over three years ago, and since then our Jilly has been a source of constant happiness. It is amazing how she copes with her disability. She climbs anywhere without a problem, and runs up and down stairs.

She has a peculiar hobby – she loves catching insects, without ever getting stung. Jilly is quite exceptionally sensitive, playful, cuddly, and is delighted with every new visitor she meets at the front door. As she was such an easy cat right from the start, and Lord Theo and Sir Pepe were mainly preoccupied with themselves, I wanted a playmate for Jilly and had the idea of giving another visually impaired cat a nice life. That was how Fergie came to us. She is from Vienna, where she had been forced to vegetate in a basement with thirty other cats... As a result she lost the sight of one eye, and is almost blind in the other eye as well. I came across her on Facebook too – I fell in love spontaneously with her little teddy bear face. Like Jilly, Fergie copes admirably with her condition. The two of them together are a dream team, they play together affectionately, chase around the apartment, cuddle together – in short, my cat ladies have a ‘blind’ understanding of one another!! The cat’s toilet is not a problem at all. All my four cats swear by CAT´S BEST!

S. Schott



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