Long-haired cats  and how to care for them

What with felted knots of fur, hairs left on furniture and cat litter that sticks in the cat’s beautiful coat and so gets scattered around the house, long-haired cats and their companion people sometimes have considerable challenges to contend with.

Velvet-pawed felines with long hair are enchantingly beautiful, but looking after them is without any doubt more labour-intensive than is the case with short-haired cats. 

Brush them once a day, right from the start – that is the most important thing! Because the less frequently you do it, the more difficult it becomes each time, and the procedure is going to take longer.

long-haired cat care

Not to mention the fact that the patience of the cat does its limits, and it will not always be grateful for the grooming attentions of its person. When the hair is matted you may be tempted at some point to reach for the scissors – though that is not exactly going to improve the look of its coat.

So you should get your pet used to brushing at the earliest opportunity – so that it becomes a familiar ritual, which the cat experiences as an extra bit of attention. Always brush against the fur, and of course you shouldn’t tug or pull the hairs. Short and frequent brushes are advisable. You can get special brushes from pet stores which (unlike plastic combs) will not pick up static. Suitable implements are metal combs with rounded tines and so-called ‘pluck brushes’, which get rid of any underlying felting.

When a cat has felted fur, bathing it is the last thing you want to do – it will only worsen the condition of the coat. As an ultimate resort, if nothing else works, you can get your vet to give the cat a haircut under anaesthetic. Cats can really suffer from a felted coat, especially in summer, and it can even cause constipation.

As for the problem of scattered litter particles that have got stuck in the cat’s long hair, it helps if you have the right kind of litter. Cat's Best Smart Pellets consists of Mini Power Pellets, which as a result of their compact form are less likely to adhere to the cat’s fur – while in other respects they exhibit all the excellent properties of Cat's Best litters. Cat's Best Smart Pellets likewise consists one hundred percent of pure plant fibre, is lightweight, smells good, is super-economical, clumps with outstanding effectiveness, neutralises odours efficiently and is easy to dispose of.

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